How To Properly Enjoy F1 Weekend In Montreal

How To Properly Enjoy F1 Weekend In Montreal

When F1 weekend comes to Montreal, the entire city enters full party mode. Taking place from June 8 -10, we’ve created this guide to help your properly enjoy these festivities.

Downtown Festivities

To begin your trip, head to the downtown core and check out the action on both Crescent and Peel Street. City officials usually close these two busy areas, and sponsors line the sidewalks promoting a range of products and services. An estimated 500,000 visit the area to indulge in the celebrations on an annual basis, attracting tourists from around the globe.

There’s even a free outdoor concert on Crescent Street that draws thousands of spectators. If you’re keen on watching the entire show, head to one of the bars early and grab a spot on the patio and take in the sights.

Little Italy

Tired of all the hustle and bustle in the downtown area? Take a quick 20-minute metro ride to Little Italy during the evening and explore the street fest. Taking place on the iconic backdrop of St. Laurent Boulevard, you’re guaranteed to indulge in great food and shopping. If you’re a racing enthusiast, local car dealers typically display flashy automobiles throughout the street. So grab a photo with a Ferrari and soak up the local culture.

The Mural Festival

Over the last decade, street art has gained mainstream popularity, especially here in Montreal. Take a stroll along Crescent Street, and you’ll see a giant mural of the late Leonard Cohen grinning on the side of an apartment building.

Venture to Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, and you’ll see even more art, especially during the Mural Festival. Taking place from June 7 – 17, the festival features daily exhibitions, artist talks, and even live performance art. There’s also a concert to mark the festivities, and last year Schoolboy Q took the stage.


It’s a right of passage in Montreal to go out during F1 weekend. Do your research beforehand and make sure to have a reservation or guest list access, as the clubs are packed during this period. We suggest hitting up Soubois, La Voûte, or Club Peopl to chat up some beautiful local ladies. If you’re not a fan of a club, head to one of the bars near Crescent for an evening of hedonism and debauchery.

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