How to Give Erotic Massage That Your Partner Will Never Forget

Performing an erotic massage on your partner is an excellent way to bring a new type of sensual care and relaxation into your sexual routine. An erotic massage can be performed on a partner of any gender, and in addition to providing sensual stimulation, can provide actual health benefits, including stress relief, lowered blood pressure, and increased flexibility and mobility. Here are some foolproof ways to deliver an erotic massage your partner won’t soon forget.  Essential Ingredients for Giving an [...]

Everything You Need to Know About a Happy Ending Massage

Often, the term “happy ending massage” is used in a joking context — but at many adult massage parlours, a “happy ending” is a frequently requested service, as it’s often a top fantasy for those who book an erotic massage. Though it should be noted: a “happy ending” is by no means an expectation, or a requirement, of a sexual massage. Here, we’ll look at what a “happy ending” is, who it’s for, and why you may wish to book one [...]

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Massage Parlor in Montreal

Do you know where to go to get a good, reliable, and professional erotic massage? There are numerous massage parlors in Montreal; however, many are unclean, unprofessional, and even downright scuzzy. How do you know which one will offer you the high-quality treatment that you deserve and desire? Le Penthouse has long been Montreal's best erotic massage parlor, and for a good reason. We check off all the boxes in the list of what you should look for when choosing [...]

What Is Sexual Massage and How to Explore It?

What Is Sexual Massage? Sexual massage involves the use of massage techniques to arouse or achieve orgasm in the person being massaged. Sexual massage can be incorporated into sexual activity between partners, and can also be offered by sex workers. Sexual massage can have therapeutic or spiritual benefits, and some ancient practices, such as Taoism and Tantra, believe sexual massage can promote sexual and spiritual health. While sexual massage is widely practiced by professional sex workers, such work is illegal [...]

What Is A Sensual Massage?

Many individuals view these services with a mix of disdain and disgust, even though a massage can provide an array of positive health benefits and an unparalleled sense of pleasure. Today we're diving into this topic to understand it better and look at the historical origins. Definition A sensual massage is an intimate activity that employs the use of touch to create the sensation of euphoria and relaxation. In the western world, the majority of the population is uneducated when [...]

Is An Erotic Massage Safe?

Professional erotic massages allow you to satisfy your relaxation needs and sexual desires. However, its cheeky fun benefits and arousing results have often come under scrutiny. You may have heard inaccurate myths and rumours that have circled erotic massages. Le Penthouse is a safe, secure, and established erotic massage parlour in Montreal that proves these rumours are 100% untrue. For those of you who need some reassurances, here are some things you should know about erotic massages and safety! Cleanliness [...]

Strip Clubs vs. Erotic Massage: Which You Should Choose?

Why are Montreal Strip Clubs so Popular?  No trip to Montreal is complete without a visit to at least one strip club, especially when you've travelled here for a bachelor party! Montreal's strip clubs are famous for their gorgeous women and reasonably priced lap dances. Lap dances in Montreal are typically $15 instead of the $25-$50 you would pay in Vegas. Best of all? The private dances in Montreal are full-contact, which means you can touch with your hands. There [...]

What to Expect During a Couples Massage at an Erotic Massage Parlor

A couple's massage at an erotic massage parlour is a sensual experience that is used by many partners to increase intimacy and spice up their sex life. At LePenthouse, we have numerous couples come through our doors looking to experience an erotic massage together.  For those of you new to the experience or considering taking your partner for an erotic couple’s massage, it can help to know what to expect, the benefits and how it can be used to boost [...]

What Is The Difference Between An Erotic Massage And A Nuru Massage?

Over the last few months, many loyal clients at Le Penthouse have inquired about Nuru massages. As such, we decided to provide a helpful breakdown of the protocol and benefits of the sensual experience, while also highlighting the difference between a Nuru massage and its traditional counterpart. What Is A Nuru Massage? Originating in the city of Kawasaki, a Nuru massage refers to an ancient Japanese massage that dates back to the 16th century, when the Samurai ruled the tiny [...]

Best Type of Music to Complement Your Erotic Massage

An erotic massage is meant to capture the senses and enhance them to create an experience that is equal parts relaxing and thrilling. While it’s true that a soft and sensual touch is central to a quality erotic massage, the right ambiance is also integral to creating a sensory environment that heightens pleasure and satisfaction. Some like candles, incense, or essential oils. Erotic massage music is also an ambiance-boosting factor very worthy of consideration. Much like your massage, the music [...]