What to Expect During a Couples Massage at an Erotic Massage Parlor

Couples Massage at an Erotic Massage Parlor

Our erotic couples massage in Montreal is a pleasure-driven experience that can spice up your sex life, nurture intimacy and improve your relationship. Explore sexual fantasies with your partner in a safe, private space at LePenthouse. 

We offer a range of erotic couples massage packages that will allow you and your partner to enjoy a sensuous massage tailored to your needs.  If you’re new to erotic massage and want to bring your partner along to a sexual couples massage, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Let’s explore. 

How Does an Erotic Massage Work at Le PH?

Booking an erotic couples massage with us is seamless. You can browse our hostesses and their schedules on our website. Once you have chosen the hostess, you would like to see, escape to the one-of-a-kind experience of your dreams by giving us a call. Our friendly staff will arrange your booking. 

On the day, arrive at Le Penthouse 15 minutes before your booking time. This will give you time to meet your hostess and prepare for your booking. 

What Happens During an Erotic Massage?

An erotic couples massage is a captivating, sensual experience for partners. Once you arrive for your booking, you’ll be able to let us know what your unique fantasies are. Our hostesses can provide massages, subtle, sensual experiences and more explicit sexual touch depending on your needs. 

You can completely tailor the experience at Le Penthouse. If you’d like to fantasize about what happens next, close your eyes and visualize another setting or even opt for a more flirtatious experience with your hostess. 

Once you and your partner have decided on what desires you’d like fulfilling, it’s time to relax in the hands of your masseuse. You can watch your partner being aroused by tantric massage, or you can have two of our hostesses join your session. You can receive a massage in union with your partner with two hostesses, which we believe is the best possible way to enjoy an erotic couples massage. 

Why Book an Erotic Massage?

Erotic massages can improve your relationship, build intimacy and offer these health benefits:

Book an Erotic Couples Massage

An erotic couples massage in Montreal can help improve your sexual connection with your partner. Call us today if you’re ready to experience a nude couples massage with one of our beautiful hostesses. 

How to Enjoy an Erotic Massage with your Partner:

Now that you know what to expect with our nude couples massage experience let’s share some tips for enjoying this experience with your partner. A nude couples massage is a deeply personal, sensual experience. Here’s how to make the most out of it with your partner: 

1. Go with two masseuses instead of one:

If you want to get the most enjoyment from your erotic couples massage, booking two hostesses instead of one is key. Having two hostesses means you and your partner can receive massages in union, experiencing pleasure and arousal together. 

You can hold hands with your partner, touch your partner and flirt with them as our hostesses sensitive hands work their magic. If it’s your first time having a couples massage, having two masseuses may help you feel more comfortable, as both partners receive attention simultaneously. 

2. Be open-minded

A sensual tantric massage is all about exploring your pleasure. Being open-minded when going into your booking will allow you to try new things. This will enable you to learn what you and your partner enjoy sexually and improve your sex life in the future. 

3. Watch your partner get aroused: 

Watching your partner receive a sexual massage and become aroused will make the erotic massage more pleasurable. You can talk through and visualize your fantasy, living this sexual experience out in a safe, private space. 

4. Converse with your masseuse:

All of our masseuses are friendly, bubbly and have a knack for getting along with everyone. Talking with your hostess may help ease any anxieties and help you relax and enjoy the experience more. 

Don’t be afraid to discuss your fantasies with your hostess, either. LePenthouse is a judgement-free zone, and our hostesses are passionate about your pleasure. Talking about your expectations, boundaries and needs with your hostess before starting can help you and your partner relax. 

5. Don’t be afraid to try new things:

At LePenthouse, you have the opportunity to experiment with any sexual desires you may have in a private, safe space. Be open to trying new things with your partner and hostess; you never know what may please you. 

An erotic couples massage is a journey that allows you to learn more about your sexual desires, your partner’s sexual needs and your relationship. Exploring new things in bed can help breathe new life into your relationship and improve your libido. 

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