What Is A Sensual Massage?

What is a sensual massage

A sensual massage is an intimate activity that employs the use of touch to create the sensation of euphoria and relaxation. In the western world, the majority of the population is uneducated when it comes to this subject. Many individuals view these services with a mix of disdain and disgust, even though a massage can provide an array of positive health benefits and unparalleled sense of pleasure. Today we’re diving into this topic to better understand it and look at the historical origins.



Humans have been enjoying the art of a sensual massage for thousands of years. Over the course of the 20th century, scholars and archaeologists uncovered evidence that demonstrates several ancient civilizations regularly enjoyed this type of activity. These civilizations include the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and small empires in the Indus Valley.


These types of massages blended sexuality with physicality and spirituality to create an enticing experience. In India, many scholars believe this is how the concept of tantric sex was created, which means “the weaving and expansion of energy,” referring to a long sexual experience that connects the mind and body to create an orgasm that can last for hours. You may have heard about the Kama Sutra, which refers to an ancient text that describes the steps in detail on how to achieve a state of Tantra—also known as sexual bliss.



A professional masseuse will use several tools to pleasure her client. This can include special oils and creams that either relax the muscles or provide some sort of stimulating factor (like heat or a cold chill). Some individuals have sensitive skin and may just want to use regular oil (such as essential oils), which is perfectly normal and acceptable.


Some individuals prefer to receive their massage with a textured glove that will feel enticing on the skin. Some men will even call in advance to request a fur glove, which increases the blood flow to the appendages while providing a soft, ticklish element to the mix.


Who Enjoys Them?

In 2017, men are the primary consumers when it comes to erotic massages, although the subject still carries a lot of stigma and judgement in North America. Progress has been made though, and more people are realizing these massages can help with relaxation, tension, and headaches. It can also be a great tool for individuals suffering from sexual frustration or dysfunction, as a good masseuse knows how to properly accommodate a client and ensure they leave feeling comfortable and satisfied.


A small percentage of women have recognized they can also benefit from these services and a few parlours cater to this demographic. After all, a female massage is slightly different due to the main differences in physicality and sensitivity.


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