Weird Sexual Fetishes That Will Take You by Surprise

When it comes to sexual fetishes, there truly is something for everyone. After all, what turns someone on is a matter of personal taste. For some, all it takes is a bottle of champagne and some sultry music. For others, things are a little bit more complicated. 

The following sexual fetishes may appear peculiar, but they perfectly demonstrate that sexual arousal isn’t black or white – it’s all shades of grey. While these fetishes may seem weird, they should be celebrated when enacted in a safe, trustworthy, and consensual setting.

1) Knismolagnia

Knismolagnia essentially refers to attaining sexual arousal through the sensation of being tickled. Contrary to popular belief, tickling represents an exceptionally intimate activity, and can even serve as an outlet for pent-up sexual energy. In fact, those with knismolagnia may even reach orgasm through light touches on sensitive parts of the body, such as the armpits, collarbone, feet, stomach, and inner thigh. Tickling someone intimately requires a huge degree of trust, particularly when incorporating handcuffs and a blindfold to enhance the experience. 

2) Pteronphilia

For some people, getting tickled through human contact isn’t enough. As such, they opt to kick their knismolagnia up a notch by inducing similar sensations with a feather. Feathers are not out of place in the bedroom and, by stimulating the sensitive parts of the body with something light and soft, partners can enjoy a deeper connection thanks to this intimate fetish.

3) Pygophilia

Recognized as one of the most common fetishes, pygophilia refers to the experience of attaining sexual arousal while touching the buttocks of another person. In other words, pygophiles are particularly attracted to people with ample derrieres, as demonstrated by how they enjoy kissing, licking, and caressing the buttocks of others. 

4) Masochism

While masochism may be one of the most well-known sexual fetishes, it is also one of the most misunderstood. In short, masochism is a sexual fetish wherein the recipient experiences arousal at physical or psychological pain. Masochists might enjoy physical pain from being spanked or whipped, or they might prefer the psychological humiliation of being forced to play the role of a submissive character. As they reap pleasure from pain, masochists rely on trusting their partner in order to climax. In relationships where consent and safety are top priorities, there is nothing more intimate than masochism. 

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