What Are The Different Types Of Erotic Massages?

What Are The Different Types Of Erotic Massages?

Did you know there are several different types of erotic massages available at Le Penthouse? Our professionals are trained in a range of different massage techniques and know how to provide discreet pleasure to satisfy your libido. If you’re curious and want to explore our erotic services, continue reading as we discuss the details in today’s blog post!

Tantric Massage

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, a tantric massage involves incorporating elements of the Karma Sutra — an ancient sexual text that guides you through a series of positions and poses. The basis of a tantric massage is interconnectivity, so it’s common for the masseuse to spend a bit of time with the client beforehand.

Once the massage begins, the gorgeous goddess will warm the entire body by using gentle touches, building strength gradually to increase blood flow to the extremities. In most cases, the masseuse will try and achieve a state of “tantra” – which refers to a prolonged state of sexual bliss.

Shiatsu Massage

The Japanese are experts when it comes to the art of an erotic massage, and it’s no wonder they perfected the Shiatsu massage. This service involves identifying the body’s pressure points and using the fingers to alleviate tension. In many cases, it’s been known to reduce stress levels and relieve sharp, debilitating pain. In most circumstances, the masseuse will trace the meridian lines (which refers to Chinese medicine) and work from there to find the pressure points.

Swedish Massage

Did you know that Swedish massages are one of the most popular massages in the western world? As the name suggests, the technique was developed in Sweden and involves using a lot of force to relieve pressure and pain. It’s completely normal to feel a little sore afterwards, but it can increase blood circulation and relieve stubborn knots in the spine, chest, arms, and legs.

Yoni Massage

While erotic massages tend to focus on men, there’s an entire set of techniques dedicated to women. The most common practice is a Yoni massage, which involves soft caresses around the lower back and hips. The idea is to build energy around this region of the body leading up to a climactic release of energy. Many women swear by this massage and say it relieves stress after a hectic workweek.

 Couples Massage

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you know things can sometimes become stagnant in the bedroom. A great way to spice up your libido is heading to Le Penthouse for a couples erotic massage session. It can be pleasurable and voyeuristic to watch your partner experiencing pleasure while you’re also being ‘taken care of’ as well.

Nuru Massage

A Nuru massage is essentially a massage that involves the masseuse being naked. The gorgeous woman rubs oil all over and uses the pressure of her naked body to massage all the kinks and knots. It’s said to create orgasmic energy that’s capable of producing tantric pleasure.

Are you thinking about getting an erotic massage? If the answer is yes, call Le Penthouse at (514) 564-3332 or visit our website for more information. We provide a wide range of discrete services that are sure to please right in the heart of Montreal.






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