Top 6 Reasons Why Men Go for a Sensual Massage – and Why You Should Too!

Thankfully Sensual Massage

There are so many benefits to regularly getting a massage. It helps you unwind after a hard day, gives you a relaxing moment to yourself and then there are other added benefits too that you probably don’t even know of! Here are ten reasons why you should consider adding a sensual massage to your next self-care day as if you needed an excuse!

Counteracts All of The Sitting You Do

For most of us, our jobs have us sitting behind a desk for over eight hours a day. After an extended period, we can lose focus on our posture and shoulders tend to slump forward. This can lead do a weak core and a sore upper back. Thankfully, massage can prevent the shortcomings caused by sitting that tend to reveal themselves in the shoulders and neck.

Soothes Mental Stresses

It’s no surprise that human touch can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. Massages can not only cut your body’s level of stress in half, but it can also alleviate symptoms of anxiety! It has also been found that it can also provide benefits similar to psychotherapy. It’s no wonder that more than half of Americans enjoy some form of massage each year!

Helps You Sleep Better

At no matter what time of year, one-third of adults are experiencing insomnia. Lucky for you, sleep studies have shown that there’s a powerful correlation to weekly massages and reduced insomnia. Not only that, but it also soothes and relaxes your muscles to lull you into the comforting calm you need to get some much-needed shut-eye after a stressful week.

Relieves Headaches

Hundreds of research studies from all over the world prove that massages can decrease headaches. Studies have shown that regular appointments will reduce the frequency and severity of pesky tension migraines that many suffer from. Even just a single session has immediate effects on pain.

Boosts Energy

While some tend to nod off halfway during a massage, its invigorating effects will help support stamina throughout the day. The reason behind this pick me up is because massages can enhance your circulation and increase the levels of oxygen in your blood. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you can benefit from as little as a 10-minute massage once a week!

Helps You Explore Pleasure In A New Way

Because we are creatures of comfort, it’s easy to fall into a routine. Sensual massages help you discover how you experience pleasure with your body in ways you may have never imagined. By focusing on various points all over, you’ll be surprised which spots make you wild!

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