Tips On How To Have A Smooth Erotic Massage Session

Tips On How To Have A Smooth Erotic Massage Session

It’s hard to unwind after a stressful week at work, so many people treat themselves to an indulgent visit to an erotic massage parlour. At the hands of a masseuse, your built-up tension and stress can be sensually worked away, relaxing every inch of your body. 

Despite the benefits, some are a little hesitant when it comes to erotic massages. To help leave your inhibitions behind, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for a smooth erotic massage session.

Choose Your Masseuse

The first choice you have to make is which gorgeous hostess you’d like to work your body. The hostesses at Le Penthouse are some of the most stunning women in Canada and are all qualified in the art of erotic massage. 

Take the time to browse through our ladies and make a choice based on your personal preferences. If you’re a regular customer and have a favourite masseuse, don’t be shy to call in advance and request her! 

Choose The Type of Services

Our talented ladies are open to all sorts of different erotic massages. While still using techniques that stimulate erogenous zones, we can tailor our services to match personal preferences.  Some special requests we can fulfil include nude massage, four-handed massage, and stockings.  

Choose Your Favorite Atmosphere

Scintillate your senses in our regular, classic, and VIP penthouse suites. There’s no other massage parlour in Montreal that can compete with our luxurious accommodation. Each of our rooms features a shower, various massage oils, and the most comfortable massage beds. 

If you want to embellish in the experience, upgrade to our signature penthouse suite with a deluxe whirlpool bath, personalized beverage and cigar amenities, and flat-screen TV. 

Communication is Key

If it’s the first time and you’re feeling a little nervous, don’t worry! Nerves are completely normal when you experience anything for the first time. 

We always recommend speaking with your masseuse to outline any questions or concerns. Tell her what parts of your body feel tense and uncomfortable, and she’ll work out all the kinks. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience, so don’t be scared to speak up!

Tell Your Masseuses Your Sexual Fantasies

Our gorgeous hostesses are here to listen and accommodate to your deepest sexual fantasies. 

Whether you want to indulge and receive double the pleasure with a synchronized four-handed massage or treat yourself to a nude massage, let us know your requests in advance, and we’ll do our best to give you the one-of-a-kind experience that you deserve.

Let Go of Your Insecurities

Although most men won’t admit it, feeling insecure about your body is extremely common. If you’re nervous about body hair or physique, know that our masseuses work with men of all shapes and sizes, with and without body hair. Embrace the skin you’re in so that you can truly enjoy what we have to offer.

The Benefits of Having Erotic Massage

1) Remove Sexual Frustration

Did you know stress can affect your sex life? Men and women face challenges in the bedroom relating to stress levels, so it’s important to leave your problems at the door. Regular massages alleviate the amount of stress felt in everyday life and, in doing so, improve sexual health!

2) Increase Libido

Many individuals visit an erotic massage parlour to reinvigorate their libido with the help of a beautiful and talented masseuse, and there’s no shame in admitting that! 

Erotic massages significantly increase the desire for sex through the art of touch. By building greater trust and intimacy, erotic massages bring about change and improve what was once a boring sex life. 

3) Heal Your Body

Erotic massage isn’t just about the sexual benefits; it can release built-up tension like a regular massage. All of our stunning hostesses are trained in the art of full-body massage and know exactly how to isolate and relieve tension.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you follow these simple erotic massage tips, you’ll have a smooth and sensual session with your masseuse. Le Penthouse offers the best erotic massage services in Montreal, with hostesses able to satisfy your deepest desires. 

To schedule a rendez-vous at our Montreal location, give us a call at 514-564-3332. Our team of gorgeous goddesses are waiting for you.

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