Strip Clubs vs. Erotic Massage: Which You Should Choose?

When choosing between spending your hard earned cash on going to a strip club or booking an erotic massage, there’s a lot that you should consider. But honestly, it comes down to preference and what type of mood you’re in!


More Intimate


There’s no right way to be aroused, but if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, an erotic massage is the way to go. You’ll be the centre of attention for the entire appointment! Unlike strip clubs, your pleasure is in the hands of a professional that will make you feel incredible in more ways than one. Another bonus of this added intimacy is that you can book a trip to the parlour alone. No need to wait for the next boys night out!


Relieves Stress


It’s known that human stress is good for both the body and soul. The experience is incredibly liberating and will release your inhibitions. You’ll walk out feeling refreshed, calmer and less tense. Those who choose to take part in sensual massages often notice an uptick in their libido and mental health too!


Increases Libido


Taking part in erotic massages can also be beneficial for your sex life too! “Sensual massage has a number of benefits for relationship partners. If you’ve been married for years, are starting a new relationship, or are a single person engaging in short-term love affairs — erotic massage is a great way to relax and make yourself open to your partner’s feelings,” explains sex life author Juliana. It enhances your ability to experience pleasure — which strengthens the relationship you have with your partner. Learn to be open and conscious of your own feelings and emotions, and those of your partner.”


Curated to Your Preferences


Once you’ve found a proper massage parlour, it’s essential to check out their masseuses in advance and select one based on your personal preferences. For example, at Le Penthouse, there are photos of all the available women on the website so that you can choose a masseuse based on your inclination for hair or eye colour!


If you’re visiting Montreal soon, you should stop by Le Penthouse, where we offer superior services that blow away the competition. Our experienced masseuses adhere to the utmost professional standards and provide an unforgettable erotic massage.