Strip Clubs vs. Erotic Massage: Which You Should Choose?

Strip Clubs vs. Erotic Massage

Why are Montreal Strip Clubs so Popular? 

No trip to Montreal is complete without a visit to at least one strip club, especially when you’ve travelled here for a bachelor party! Montreal’s strip clubs are famous for their gorgeous women and reasonably priced lap dances. Lap dances in Montreal are typically $15 instead of the $25-$50 you would pay in Vegas. Best of all? The private dances in Montreal are full-contact, which means you can touch with your hands.

There is plenty to consider when choosing between spending your hard-earned cash on a visit to a strip club or erotic massage parlour. Strip clubs and erotic massages are usually the top two preferences when searching for some erotic visual and physical stimulation, but which establishment should you choose to spend your evening? 

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preference and what type of mood you’re in. We’ve outlined some of the top benefits of each to make your decision easier. 

The Benefits of Strip Clubs

1) Beautiful and Seductive Ladies

Beautiful ladies are a guarantee when you visit a strip club. Admiring their naked bodies and enjoying a seductive dance is part of the fun. Strip clubs are loved as a unique place to watch phenomenal strippers pole dance and even enjoy a private one-on-one dance. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a seductive dance. 

2) Strip Clubs Can Improve Your Health Overall

Besides the eye candy and watching ladies strut their stuff and work their best routines, there are many more benefits to a strip club, including improving your overall health. Many studies have proven that a trip to a strip club can positively affect men’s health

How so, you ask? 

Firstly, men feel more relaxed during and after their visit to a strip club because it reduces the production of cortisol (a stress hormone) and increases serotonin and dopamine production (happiness hormones). 

If you’re having intimacy problems with your partner, strip clubs can inject some much-needed excitement. Each visit to the strip club increases testosterone production, not a surprising revelation when beautiful women are surrounding you. 

What are Best Strip Clubs in Montreal

Whether you’re visiting Montreal for the first time or have lived here for ages, you’re doing something wrong if you haven’t spent some time in a strip club! It’s the perfect place to stop for a few drinks or a bottle to enjoy the rather ravishing scenery. Here are just a few of the best Montreal strip clubs you should check out. 

#1 Kamasutra 

Tucked away on a side street of Saint Laurent, you’ll find the intimate Karmasutra. This strip club has been in operation for $20 years and is only open at night. They’re known to have some of the hottest girls (and cheapest shots) in the city. They have an intimate and adventurous couples package, as well as private cabins and contact dances.

#2 Club Downtown 

Club Downtown is a bachelor party hotspot. This strip club has four VIP sections, 19 private booths, and four erotic beds where you can take in couples shows alone or as a group. During the Montreal Grand Prix, over 50 girls from around the world travel to dance just for you at Club Downtown!

#3 Chez Parée 

This notorious club has been open for over 30 years and is known for its high-end luxurious interior and VIP table dance section. Choose from a non-contact show or a full-contact lap dance. 

The Benefits of an Erotic Massage

1) More Intimate

There’s no right way to be aroused, but if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, an erotic massage is the best way to go. Throughout your entire appointment, you’ll be the centre of attention! 

Unlike strip clubs, your pleasure is in the hands of a professional that will make you feel incredible in more ways than one. Another bonus of this added intimacy is that you can book a trip to the parlour alone; there’s no need to wait for the next boys’ night out! 

2) Stress-Relief

It’s known that human stress is good for both the body and soul. The experience is incredibly liberating and will release your inhibitions. You’ll walk out feeling refreshed, calmer and less tense. Those who choose to take part in sensual massages often notice an uptick in their libido and mental health too!

3) Increases Libido

Taking part in erotic massages can be beneficial for your sex life! “Sensual massage has several benefits for relationship partners. If you’ve been married for years, are starting a new relationship, or are a single person engaging in short-term love affairs — erotic massage is a great way to relax and make yourself open to your partner’s feelings,” explains sex life author Juliana. “It enhances your ability to experience pleasure — which strengthens the relationship you have with your partner. Learn to be open and be conscious of your own feelings and emotions, and those of your partner.”

Curated to Your Preferences

Once you’ve found an erotic massage parlour, it’s essential to check their different services in advance and make a choice based on your personal preferences. At Le Penthouse, we offer a range of unique services, like our popular four-handed and nude massages.

Once you’ve found the service you desire, you have your choice of women, too! All of the stunning hostesses at our erotic massage parlour are available to view on our website so that you can make a choice based on your own preferences.

If you’re visiting Montreal soon, stop by Le Penthouse. We offer a superior and erotic massage service that blows away the competition. Our experienced masseuses adhere to the utmost professional standards and provide an unforgettable sensual massage.

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