5 Sexually Stimulating Erogenous Massage Zones That You Need to Know!

5 Most Sexually Stimulating Erogenous Zones | Lepenthouse

When most people think of sexual stimulation, they think of the genitals. However, there are more ways to turn your partner on than by touching the obvious parts on their body. In fact, there are lesser-known spots that are particularly sensitive to a little more attention. Known as erogenous zones, these sweet spots may be hard to find but can lead your partner to a sensation that feels “o” so good.

But what are these easily-missed erogenous zones? And how can an erogenous zone massage stimulate these zones? Read on, because we’ve got all the answers regarding the hot spots you might not discover until you take the time to explore yourself and your partner’s body.

What Are Erogenous Zones?

In essence, erogenous zones represent the pleasure points of the body. These areas boast a heightened sensitivity that can elicit a strong sexual response. While each person has a unique arousal pattern, these erogenous zones can cause a heightened sense of stimulation for a variety of reasons, including distinct sensory mappings, psychological associations, and nerve density. Regardless, just using a light, gentle touch is often enough to trigger a response in these areas. 

Now that these erogenous zones have been defined, it’s time to start exploring by uncovering the hot spots you never knew you had. 

Which Erogenous Zones Cause the Most Sexual Arousal?

The Neck

Our first erogenous zone needs absolutely no introduction. As most people can attest, rubbing the neck hits certain nerve pathways that boost sexual arousal. Next time you’re with your partner, try lightly kissing the area, and watch as they beg you to take it to the next level.

The Ears

The ears may go all but unnoticed but, in reality, they represent a tried-and-true erogenous zone. Oftentimes, the earlobes are the first spots that become engorged with blood during sexual arousal. By massaging the bottom of this erogenous zone, you can rest assured that the blood won’t just be rushing to the ears by the time you’re finished. 

The Hands

While the hands are usually associated with giving pleasure, they can also receive sexual stimulation when treated just right. In fact, in terms of sensitivity, the hands are second only to the mouth and genitals. So, be sure to stimulate this unexpectedly sensual erogenous zone with plenty of strokes, massages, and light kisses to keep your partner satisfied. 

The Feet

Fun fact: Your feet weren’t just meant for walking. When giving a foot massage, pay attention to the toes and arches, and watch as your partner begins to yearn for more. 

The Lower Back

For most people, massaging the lower back can be an incredible turn-on one that might just result in some orgasmic pleasure. Once again, it’s all about keeping your touch firm but gentle; remember, your goal is to arouse, not to tickle. 

Where to Book an Erogenous Zone Massage in Montreal?

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