Why You Should Regularly Get a Massage


Some may think of an erotic massage as a kinky pastime, however, it has a number of positive benefits on both the mind and body. If you’re thinking about booking an appointment at a local parlour, check out these reasons why you should be getting an erotic massage regularly.

Boosts The Immune System

Are you constantly getting sick and having to take time off from work? If the answer’s yes, then it’s time to start thinking about getting regular erotic massages. A trained masseuse can identify pressure points and help relieve painful tension, which can have a positive effect on your mental health.

Recent studies have also revealed that massages reduce the amount of cortisol – a stress hormone – in the bloodstream. High levels of cortisol can have a range of adverse effects on your health that include stunting your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to viruses and infections.

Energizes Your Libido

Are you struggling to find time for intimacy with your partner? Or maybe you just don’t feel like having sex anymore due to stress in your life. Well, an erotic massage can help reset your mind and sensitize your body, which can improve your sex life.

Simply book an appointment at Le Penthouse and let our gorgeous masseuses take care of all your needs. They know how to work your body to ensure tantric pleasure that lasts for hours. If you’re feeling a little shy or embarrassed about venturing to an erotic massage parlour, it’s important to recognize that fear and remember that humans are sexual beings. It’s important to express your sexuality, especially if you’re feeling repressed lately.

On another note, if you’re having problems with your partner, a great way to solve your sexual issues is to come in for a couples massage. It’s a great way to experience a new activity and to spice up the energy in the bedroom afterward.

Energy Boost

If you’re lacking energy and motivation lately, you may be approaching what some may call a burnout. It’s where you’re overstressed, and you find it difficult to unwind and forget about your problems. A great way to combat this issue is by regularly visiting Le Penthouse, where our masseuses will provide pleasure and increase the blood flow throughout the body.

We recommend at least one erotic massage per week; it’s safe to say you’ll see an energy boost after a few sessions. You can also ask your masseuse to try different positions to find out which one is the most comfortable.

If you’re thinking about booking an erotic massage session, visit or give us a call at 514-564-3332!