What Are the Benefits of Nuru Massage ?

What Are the Benefits of Nuru Massage

Benefits of Nuru Massage

As every erotic masseuse will tell you, sex isn’t the only way to enjoy physical intimacy. In fact, in many respects, an erotic massage is a far more stimulating experience than intercourse itself. 

Take the Japanese Nuru massage, for example; with its intimate atmosphere and singular physical sensations, the massage allows clients to explore pleasure in new and creative ways. However, it is important to note that a Nuru massage can do more than just spice up your love life. 

Indeed, a Nuru massage goes beyond the erotic, as it boasts a plethora of health benefits designed to awaken your mind, body, and soul. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to learn about the many health benefits of a Nuru massage. 

What is a Japanese Nuru Massage?

Originating in Japan, a Nuru massage refers to a sexually stimulating activity wherein a highly trained masseuse covers the person experiencing the massage in a warm gel. The gel – which consists of a unique fusion of seaweed extract, aloe vera, and grapefruit – is a smooth substance designed to enhance all physical sensations. 

In general, a Nuru massage begins with the client lying face down on a comfortable surface in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Then, a naked masseuse mounts the client while slowly spreading the thick gel, generating extreme tantric pleasure. Throughout the massage, the masseuse rubs her body up against the client, stimulating intense erotic pleasure to take both parties to a blissful, happy ending.

What are the Benefits of a Nuru Massage?

Now that you are clued up on a Nuru massage’s ins and outs, let’s look at how a Nuru massage does more than just enhance sexual intimacy.

1) Stress Relief

A Nuru massage is all about tranquillity and relaxation, so it comes as no surprise that the massage is specifically designed to combat stress and promote clear-mindedness. Patients who experience a Nuru massage report a significant improvement in mental well-being, as they feel completely relaxed from head to toe. 

2) Relaxes Muscles and Improves Circulation

Easing sore muscles and promoting better blood circulation are some of the most important health benefits of a Nuru massage. If the thought of having a gorgeous goddess glide across you isn’t enough, the technique has the added benefit of relaxing tense muscles. By stimulating your body, your masseuse will promote blood circulation and improve blood flow. 

3) Moisturizes Skin

In addition to being soft and warm, the gel involved in a Nuru massage boasts many rejuvenating properties. In fact, the gel is known for being highly moisturizing and for removing toxins from the body. 

Complete Overview of a Nuru Massage

When you arrive for your Nuru massage, what can you expect? The experience begins with a shower to get your body clean and wet. While still dripping from the shower, you will lay on the bed, and the hostesses will spread slippery Nuru gel over large areas of your and her body.

Once covered in the gel, the hostess will rise onto the bed and slide her silky body on yours to initiate the widest possible physical contact. Wearing nothing but a latex bra and thong, the hostesses will rub every inch of your body with her torso, bum, forearms and hands. 

When the work on your back is complete, it’s time to flip over; and this is when things get even more arousing. The gentle, sensual gliding over your front and most sensitive parts are done while maintaining full-body contact, inducing intense erotic pleasure.

Find out more about the differences between an erotic and a Nuru massage here.

What tools we use for Nuru massage

As you’d expect, lubrication is key to a Nuru Massage. A Nuru gel allows the hostess to glide across your body with ease to create. With the abundance of slippery gel needed, things can get a little bit messy, so we use a special sheet that catches all of the gel to keep things as sensual as possible. 

Other than a quality Nuru gel and sheet, all that’s needed is a hot hostess who knows all of the best Nuru massage techniques! Of course, sensual skin-on-skin contact can feel amazing on its own, but when the provider knows real techniques, it elevates the whole experience to a new level.

The gorgeous hostesses at Le Penthouse know exactly how to please you and have bodies to get your heart racing. 

Nuru Gel

The Nuru gel applied during the massage derives from the brown seaweed plant leaves. It is far superior to typical massage oils because of its super-slippery and non-greasy texture. Chamomile, Azulene and other minerals are often added to the colourless and odourless gel.

The gel is primarily chosen for its slippery nature that helps improve the massage’s intimacy, but it also has moisturizing benefits!

Where to book a Nuru Massage in Montreal?

Excited by the prospect of a Nuru massage, but unsure of where to begin? If you don’t fancy giving a go at a Nuru massage yourself, put your body in the hands of the erotic massage experts at Le Penthouse

Based in Montreal, Le Penthouse offers relaxing Nuru massages for men, women, and couples. Featuring the most stunning hostesses in the city, Le Penthouse is the place to fulfill all your deepest, most erotic desires. 

If you’re looking for an experience that has just the right mix of health benefits and naughty fun, look no further than a Nuru massage at Le Penthouse. Schedule an appointment today with one or two of our lovely ladies by calling 514-564-3332. Trust us; you won’t regret it.

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