Montreal Night Guide Spring 2018

As the snow begins to melt and the city slowly thaws from a chilly winter, the nightlife scene in Montreal starts to heat up. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, spring is the best time to enjoy the city’s entertainment offerings. So sit back and get ready to read our spring 2018 nightlife guide.


After Hours Nightlife

Are you a night owl who loves a good party that literally lasts all night? If the answer is yes, check out the crazy “after hours” scene here in Montreal. Basically a select group of clubs stay open past 3 am, when the traditional clubs close and stop serving alcohol.


We recommend hitting up either Stereo or Circus, which are both situated in the downtown area and feature some of the best DJs in the country. If you’re looking for a cocktail at this hour, you’re out of luck, as these venues aren’t allowed to serve alcohol.


But you’ll be able to purchase water, gum, soft drinks, and Red Bull and dance the night away until the early hours of the morning. So grab your favourite pair of sunglasses and get ready for a nocturnal rave of a lifetime.


Jazz Bars

A great way to meet locals is to visit one of Montreal’s jazz bars. There are more than a dozen of these establishments scattered across the city, and feature live music and tantalizing cocktails.


We suggest either heading to Upstairs on Bishop Street or to House of Jazz on Aylmer Street for a classy evening of music and cocktails. Both of these places also double as restaurants, so you can order a delicious steak and take in the sights with your pals.


Pub Crawl

For something more casual, organize a pub-crawl with your buddies and sample Montreal’s extensive bar scene. Start your pub-crawl on Crescent Street in the heart of the Golden Square Mile, as there are tons of bars on that specific street alone.


These places aren’t too expensive either, so you won’t blow your budget during the night. We recommend Sir Winston Churchill Pub, Thursday’s, Mad Hatters, Hurley’s, and Brutopia for a stellar night of drinking and debauchery.


Erotic Massage

After an exhaustive weekend of partying, it’s time to kick back and relax. There’s no better way to cap off your weekend than with a visit to an erotic massage parlor to fulfill your deepest fantasies. After all, Montreal is known for its beautiful women, so why not indulge in a passionate relaxation session with a gorgeous masseuse.


If you’re going to visit Montreal this spring, there’s no shortage of nightlife activities to satisfy your naughty soul. Make sure to book your appointment at Le Penthouse and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Our professionals know how to please your mind, body, and soul, which will undoubtedly create lifelong memories of this glorious city.