Why Montreal Is The Best City To Explore Your Sexuality

Why Montreal Is The Best City To Explore Your Sexuality

Are you thinking about exploring some of your deepest fantasies? There’s no shame in discussing your intimate desires, as our society has become more liberal and progressive. Moreover, Montreal is a great city to explore your sexuality, as there are numerous strip clubs, massage parlours, and theatres to help relieve all that pent-up energy.

Today we’re going to discuss how these Montreal-based establishments can reinvigorate your libido and help explore your sexuality.

Naked Sushi

Ever heard of the Japanese word nyotaimori? It refers to an ancient practice of eating sushi off of a naked woman’s body. This tradition is common in Japan, but the trend has recently kicked off here in Montreal.

You can reportedly experience this culinary delight at the Angry Lobster, a popular seafood restaurant on rue de la Montagne in the heart of downtown Montreal. You can also book a reservation here for the ultimate VIP experience, which is perfect for a date night with your romantic partner. We’ve even heard that nyotaimori sushi tastes better – just don’t confuse the sashimi with something else!


Montreal is known for its emerging burlesque scene, which borrows elements from New York and Berlin. For those who aren’t familiar with this art form, burlesque is a sensual performance that incorporates aspects of contemporary dance and stripping to create a seductive result.

Most performers channel the pinup look from the 20s and 30s. If you’re attracted to curvy figures and tantalizing dances, the burlesque scene in Montreal will undoubtedly set your pulse racing. Head to the Wiggle Room for some show-stopping entertainment or check out the annual Montreal Burlesque Festival from October 18th to the 20th.

Strip Clubs

There’s no shortage of strip clubs in the city, especially near the downtown area. Some of the higher end establishments employ exotic beauties that know how to work the pole. If you want to revive your libido, we recommend visiting Chez Parée, which is one of the best gentlemen’s clubs Montreal.

Beware though; this place is a little pricey. If you’re on a lower budget, visit Cafe Cleopatra on St. Laurent Boulevard where the drinks are cheap, and the ladies are stunning. They often have drink promotions throughout the week, so check out their social media accounts for more detail.

Erotic Massage Parlours

Out of all the options on this list, an erotic massage is the best solution to help explore your sexuality. While there are many erotic massage parlours in Montreal, you have to visit Le Penthouse.

It’s just a quick cab ride from the downtown core, and our gorgeous hostesses will ensure you have the time of your life. Specializing in pleasure, all of our employees know how to work with your body to create a scintillating and seductive experience. You can even call ahead and reserve a hostess if you have a preference.

So if you’re going to properly explore your sexuality, head to Le Penthouse. Call (514) 564-3332 or visit the website for more information.

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