Age 25
Height 5'3
Measurements 34DD
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Nationality Latina
Availability F S S M T W T
Day Icon 10am-5pm
Night icon 5pm-12am
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  • Nick | February 13, 2024

    Une pure beauté d une sensualité unique

  • P | December 10, 2023

    Saw Nina this week. 2nd time I've seen Nina. 1st time was two years ago and she's still such a sweet and beautiful lady. So attentive and open. Really glad she came back and I can't wait to see her once again before I leave.

  • Frédéric | November 30, 2023

    The best of the best. Je rêve encore avec toi ma belle Nina.

  • Adrien | November 17, 2023

    Never saw some one like you !!

  • Junior | November 11, 2023

    Omg 😳 La plus belle, plus sympa, plus professionnelle, plus douce, donne envie de revenir à chaque fois que je la quitte pure moment de plaisir bella !!

  • Bruno | October 20, 2023

    Nina est dune sensualite incomparable. Elle vous mets a laise des son entree. Elle vaut le detour!

  • Dr. H | October 18, 2023

    Wowwwww, What a pleasant surprise – she's returned! I've been awaiting her return for almost a year, and it's finally here, my usual appointment. It's always such a delight to spend time with NINA, and I can honestly say I've never come across anyone who exudes such charm and grace.

  • Nico | October 16, 2023

    Une pure beauté, une gentillesse sublime, une incroyable chaleur, rebienvenue très belle chérie. Le temps s envole en ta présence qu il faut savourer chaque secondes, chaque minute avec toi xxxx

  • Angelo | October 16, 2023

    The queen is back ❤️

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