Age 22
Height 5'4
Measurements 34DD
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Nationality Latina
Availability F S S M T W T
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  • Joe | December 05, 2017

    When angels were created, Nina arose as the most precious, the sole angel to embody perfection, absent of flaws. Her beauty is unmatched by any other woman, her seductive gaze will send you into a trance and steal your heart. As a regular I must say, she never fails to please. She is beautiful, inviting and intelligent. A pleasure to converse with as she is very attentive. I simply adore this divine creation, every moment with her is worth a lifetime of ecstasy. In her presence nothing else matters, she gently invites you into her universe where you are the focus of attention, beware once in her presence you will not want to leave.

  • Alfredl | December 05, 2017

    Amazing girl! Nice and sweet! Need to see her again!

  • Maxim | December 04, 2017

    You’ll always think about it and plans to get back! The best time ever !