Age 22
Height 5'4
Measurements 34DD
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Nationality Latina
Availability T W T F S S M
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  • Raph | August 08, 2020

    La parfaite latina/QC, c'est la blonde que jaurais voulu au secondaire pour faire toutes les expérience ;). Tres alaise dès quelle rentre, un touché parfait, une bouche de classe mondiale et des fesses qui attende une main, vraiment la meilleur.

  • Fred | January 05, 2020

    I had a fabulous time with nina. She is sweet, friendly and sexy with great sense of humor. Best relax therapy ever. Highly recommend her.

  • Joe | January 04, 2020

    Beautiful experience with Nina, a charming, young sensual woman with an Argentinian back ground! Truly a breath of beauty at its natural essence.

  • Dumond | December 28, 2019

    j,ai tout aimé ca bon travail avec nina cool aplus

  • Maxime | November 30, 2019

    Nina est tout simplement la meilleure masseuse érotique. J’ai eu la chance de la voir 2 fois ce mois-ci et ça l’a été le moment le plus excitant et sensuelle de toute ma vie. Elle sens telement bon et elle a un touché doux et sexy. Si vous voulez passer un moment inoubliable prenez rendez-vous avec la queen du massage 😍😘!! Merci encore Nina tu es un ange xoxoxo

  • Mark milton | October 30, 2019

    Need to find someone who is of expertise level. Nina is on another level when it comes to massages, she’s beautiful, bodacious, alluring & all around amorous sexy being. That said, experiencing Nina with Jamie is a ultimate arousing combination resulting in candescent ecstasy. The combination of Jamie’s & Nina’s expertise of sensuality and comforting nature, soothes one’s nerves to reach a level of pure relaxation and close to nirvana as one can get in this natural world. Nina brings everything to the table, with her scintillating body, her sensual touch, and pure sincerity. Adding that to a duo experience is not only a release of stress and tension from worldly problems, it is a connection between these two beautiful & invigorating individuals who will help you reach a sense of tranquility. Nina is spectacular and spellbinding, her duo option should always be the le penthouse go to because a sense of relaxation is absolutely achieved after a duo experience between Jamie & Nina.

  • Joseph | October 24, 2019

    Words cannot properly describe this vision of beauty, both inside and out. She has everything you would wish for in a woman. Tender soft skin, an amazing sense of humor and a great conversationalist. When I look into her eyes, I am taken to another place and all my stress disappears. No wonder I keep coming back for more !!

  • Pierre Tremblay | October 02, 2019

    Des fesses à croquer, des courbes dangereuses, une peau de satin et une ouverture d'esprit incomparable! Elle est parfaite et vous voudrez l'emmener avec vous, mais ça, c'est pas possible...

  • Kenzo | October 01, 2019

    Rencontre fantastique vraiment passé un moment superbe avec beaucoup d intensité!!!! J'ai hâte de te revoir Nina, tu me manques déjà.