Age 22
Height 5'7
Measurements 34DD
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Nationality Asian/Quebecoise
Availability M T W T F S S
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  • AL | April 15, 2018

    I have no other words than Thank You. Jaydee you are gorgeous!

  • Lucca | April 15, 2018

    A pure breath of fresh air... her smile is all over the place. Quelle beauté et quelle gentillesse. Sensuelle et attentionée, Jaydee comblera TOUT vos besoin. Merci chérie et à la prochaine 🙂💙🙂

  • Big shark | March 21, 2018

    Wow! What a beauty. Excellent service, very sweet personality. Going to visit her twice this week.

  • Michel | March 11, 2018

    Wow Jaydee ! Quelle beauté resplendissante ! Quel corps divin ! Que dire de tes mains magiques ! Can't wait for the next sensual opportunity! Well deserved 12/10 sweet JD !