Age 24
Height 5'9
Measurements 34D Natural
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Nationality Irish
Availability W T F S S M T
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  • Mike | November 11, 2020

    Jammie gave me an excellent session. She's a sun in theses times. An incredible human being who gonna make you forget all your problems. Thanks to make me smile.

  • Jamie's Reg | October 24, 2020

    I always enjoy seeing Jamie. Each session is better than the last as she delivers 11/10 service. She is the only reason I come to Penthouse when I need a break. amazing time spent on Friday!

  • Joe | October 09, 2020

    J'ai passé 2 séances avec Jamie et c'était incroyable. Son sourire qui ne quitte jamais son visage, son style à emporter, vous donne l'impression de vivre dans les profondeurs du Ciel. Ses mains douces vous enflamment, laissant votre corps dans une révolution sensorielle. Sincèrement, cela vous accompagnera pendant des jours. Je t'aime, Jamie

  • andrew | August 18, 2020

    Jamie is an amazing person. She makes you feel at ease I came back to see her in July after a long break and i felt like old seeing her again. She makes you feel at home with her charisma and engaging personality. Easily likeable as if you have been friends with her for a long while. Physique out of this world yet it is her warm hospitable nature that makes it worth seeing her. You won't regret it! Only reason I'd come to penthouse is because of her.

  • Pussydestroyer | August 18, 2020

    Si vous vous voulez montez au 7ieme ciel et réaliser vos fantasmes, même les plus fous, je vous recommande chaleureusement, Jamie. Ses beaux yeux vert vous fera chavirer, elle vous donnera un service unique et impeccable, que vous pourriez trouvez nul part autre ailleurs. Jamie possède aussi un très bon cœur et sera toujours présente pour vous, même dans les moments les plus difficiles. Vous allez sortir de la séance le sourire au lèvres, je vous en fait la promesse. XO N.B

  • CaptainB777 | August 07, 2020

    Very friendly, talkative and professional. She makes you feel as if you know each other since long time.

  • Mike | November 21, 2019

    J'ai eu la chance et un réel plaisir de connaître le professionnalisme de Jamie un soir glacial de novembre ... Elle sut me réchauffer à merveille puis me faire planer dans la stratosphère : merci Jamie ! Kiss & take care. Mike

  • Mark Milton | October 30, 2019

    Need a good massage, Jamie has the sensual hands to ensure pure bliss and ecstasy. Now to experience something totally different and something that le penthouse offers is the duo experience. The combination of Jamie’s & Nina’s expertise of sensuality and comforting nature, soothes one’s nerves to reach a level of pure relaxation and close to nirvana as one can get in this natural world. Jamie’s & Nina’s duo experience is not only a release of stress and tension from worldly problems, it is a connection between these two beautiful & invigorating individuals who will help you reach a sense of tranquility. A sense of relaxation is absolutely achieved after a duo experience between Jamie & Nina

  • Montreal via Queens | July 11, 2019

    It was my first time at Le Penthouse soooo... Jaime: what a way to make a first impression!!! First off, she is so much more beautiful than her pictures; au naturale curvy stunner, #eyes_u_get_lost_in . Jamie satiated every yearning I had, emotionally, mentally, and physically... How good was it physically? How should I put this: I say throw her a parade and hand her an award for the service she provides. ADDITIONALLY: that's the beauty of it, it doesn't feel like a service. It's not rushed or forced; instead it's intimate and engaging... She's like a best friend you haven't met yet, PLUS chemistry. I'm going to sleep soooooo well tonight, I feel completely satisfied; and I don't know how else to word this: I feel thoroughly hugged. Probably breaking bro code gushing like this but, I don't care. Definitely going to visit her again when I travel this way.