Age 24
Height 5'9
Measurements 32DD
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Nationality Colombian
Availability F S S M T W T
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  • Karl B | October 24, 2021

    Totally agree with François! I had a session with her last month and now can't wait to see her again! Stunning!

  • Francois | September 17, 2021

    Dominique is striking from the moment you lay your eyes on her. The curves, the tattoos, the feet, and that smile... Those hips, her laugh and those eyes... She purrs and she bites... She provides the pleasures you thought were only in fantasies... Did you say repeat? I said get a new job cause she'll costs you and you'll enjoy she does

  • Frank | August 29, 2021

    Excellent experience, thanks

  • Billy | August 28, 2021

    She was great was worth a buck and was her pleasure