Age 25
Height 5'3
Measurements 32DD
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Nationality Quebecoise
Availability W T F S S M T
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  • ma18 | August 30, 2019

    Magnifique! Son massage est divin, d'une beauté incroyable et on se sent à l'aise avec elle tout de suite.

  • Johnny | August 09, 2019

    Bella is Italian for Beautiful girl and that’s exactly what she is.The perfect name for the perfect hostess!!!!!!!Without even seeing any other hostess I am convinced that BELLA IS THE BEST HOSTESS AT THE PENTHOUSE.Apart from being the most charming girl you’ll ever meet,she is also very intelligent.Thats what makes the session with Bella so awesome.You will truly be in heaven the moment she enters the room,have a delightful conversation and 10 star service.Beautiful Presentation,Beautiful personality,Beautiful Fragrance,Beautiful body language Beautiful voice,Beautiful smile, Beautiful hair,Beautiful eyes BELLA!!!!!!!!!!Gives the best massage in the world.She honestly goes beyond limits to meet and surpass your expectations.It is truly a privilege to see Bella and not be taken for granted a 1 in billion hostess that should always be respected to the fullest.Thank you very much,Hope to see you again soon.

  • J | July 17, 2019

    The most beautiful and kindliness girl I’ve ever met in my life.From the first session to the last session always was great to see you.

  • Johnny | July 10, 2019

    The Magnificent Bella never ceases to amaze me.I saw her pictures about a year ago and the rest is history.With every session always exceeds and over exceeds the previous one.Truly one of a kind that no one can compare too. Would like to continue seeing you for as long as possible.Thank you.

  • Sebastian | July 07, 2019


  • Dan | July 06, 2019

    La femme parfaite

  • Johnny | July 06, 2019

    There are no words to describe how unbelievably breathtaking Bella is.She is undinambly milles ahead of everyone else.From the start to the end of the session you will not be disappointed. Beautiful smile,lovely presentation,attention to detail caters to your wants, will leave you mesmerized.No need to scramble to choose a hostess BELLA IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!!!

  • Marc | June 11, 2019

    Comment dire.... Bella est l'une des plus belles femmes que j'ai rencontré au Penthouse. Tout chez elle est féminité, raffinement et sensualité. Quand elle vous touche, ce n'est pas la peau qui réagit, c'est le système nerveux central au grand complet. Magnifique.

  • Christiano (Snow) | May 25, 2019

    À l'instar de Daenerys qui enflamma toute la cité de Port Réal, Bella a su enflammer toute l'atmosphère de la salle lors de ma dernière séance avec elle. Cette charmante et splendide femme sait recevoir avec sincérité et complicité, on se sent vraiment bien en sa présence. Je lui donne un 10 sur 10! Le Penthouse est une place de choix en raison de personnes comme elle. Bravo!

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