Age 22
Height 5'2
Measurements 32DDD Natural
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Nationality Quebecoise
Availability W T F S S M T
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  • Guillaume | April 08, 2022

    Superbe session avec Ana, elle est très agréable et douce. Elle répondra a vos attentes.

  • Bob | April 07, 2022

    Perfect live Barbiedoll ever.

  • Marc | April 05, 2022

    Vraiment au delà de mes attentes, Ana est ma nouvelle préférée. Aucun mauvais commentaires.

  • Micheal | April 05, 2022

    Im in love with Ana! The best hostess I've ever had.

  • Daniel | April 05, 2022

    Definitely the best hostess! I've been to this salon multiple times and when I had a session with Ana, it was life changing for me... She is unreal! Very sweet, no rush, very kind and genuine. The pictures can't even describe how gorgeous she really is! I love her!! Totally recommend to go see her.

  • Manyi | March 17, 2022

    I confirm she come from heaven

  • Leonardo | February 06, 2022

    I absolutely need to come see this angels, wow !!