Age 21
Height 5'9
Measurements 34D Natural
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Nationality Quebecoise
Availability S M T W T F S
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  • Jeff | June 08, 2021

I have to say one of the best experience I have ever had and the service unbelievable,excellent beauty,fun the perfect Girl . I really enjoyed my time with her. I am back for more

  • Andy | May 05, 2021

    Never rushed, always quality, always leaved satisfied seeing Amanda. Before the pandemic, I’d do duos with her and Jamie. They the only reasons I come to Penthouse, especially Amanda who I have been seeing since 2018 when I need a break from life.

  • Amanda's regular | April 01, 2021

    Amanda is always worth seeing when my schedule permits. She really enjoys the regulars she treats and makes sure they feel valued for their time. Yes, there are other hostesses I can choose from but it is always between her or Jamie when my schedule permits because she makes me truly feel good within the hour. She is what Quebecois beauty is with girl next door looks, beautiful height, seductive eyes and a colourful personality. Side note, for duos her and Jamie make it worth every penny for the experience as they have natural chemistry together. Amanda is one of the reasons I enjoy coming to Penthouse while single because she treats you like royalty and always leaves you wanting more.

  • Black400$ | February 11, 2021

    Amandais the sweetest girl ever ! Penthouse is great again!

  • Marco | December 21, 2020

    She's BACKKKKKK and BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!!! Sweet Amanda xoxo

  • Andy her fave regular | December 19, 2020

    BEST decision to see she is back, super happy when I checked the website I saw she is returning. She is the reason Penthouse is amazing. I do not even care if she has not re started yet but super happy to see Amanda back. I would only come to the salon to see her, she has really made a difference for me always listening, yes she has a goddess body but her charm and attentiveness is what makes her my fave hostess to see she makes the session about you providing a comforting experience. I am sure all hostesses are great but if you are coming to Penthouse the first time, I recommend every customer to see Amanda, she takes her time, her physique and personality will leave you wanting more and she really genuinely cares about her customers as she knows how to build rapport with them. Moral of this whole post is, see Amanda if you are looking to escape from your daily routine and take a spiritual vacation for your body and mind!