The Healing Effects of an Erotic Massage

The Healing Effects of an Erotic Massage

Let’s be real; nobody needs much convincing when it comes to getting an erotic massage. But in the event that the soothing strokes and explosive climax aren’t enough to entice you into booking an appointment with a stunning masseuse, we’ve assembled a few more reasons why you should absolutely consider signing up for an erotic massage!

More Than Just a Pamper…

When most people think about therapy that promotes healing, they envision something along the lines of herbal treatment or acupuncture. But contrary to popular belief, an erotic massage can be one of the most effective methods of healing, as well as an excellent alternative to traditional treatments! 

As anyone who has ever experienced a back rub or hand massage can attest, a good rubdown can be a total godsend! But it doesn’t just feel nice; research suggests that getting massaged sensually can benefit your health tremendously. It’s no wonder that many erotic massage recipients describe themselves as feeling utterly relaxed, refreshed, and renewed!  

Say Goodbye to Stress and Anxiety

This one goes without saying; erotic massages are highly effective at treating stress and anxiety. In fact, research shows that erotic messages increase the production of feel-good endorphins in the body, while simultaneously allowing your muscles to relax. By decreasing stress hormones and boosting serotonin and dopamine, erotic massages instantly improve your mood! Take our word for it; when it comes to slashing stress markers, nothing does the trick like an erotic massage…not even a marathon of “The Office”!

Physical and Psychological: Finding the Perfect Balance

At its core, an erotic massage is all about physical and psychological efforts. Sure, there’s something to be said about the endless waves of sexual and erotic pleasure experienced at the hands of a seasoned masseuse. But, beyond that, an erotic massage acts as a remedy to physical pain, psychological stress, and even issues with the immune system. Who knew self-care could feel so good? 

The Physiological Benefits of an Erotic Massage

1) Muscle

Like any other type of massage, an erotic massage will improve muscle elasticity and resistance. By alleviating aches and pains, an erotic massage will also reduce muscle fatigue and enhance muscle performance, particularly when it comes to connecting tissue, ligaments, joints, tendons, and lymphatic nodes. And that’s to say nothing about the wonders it can do for one particularly… firm… muscle on the male body!

2) Skin

By expanding capillary veins, an erotic massage can increase the absorption of nutrients on the skin, making you look younger and more revitalized than ever before!

3) Metabolism

An accelerated metabolism, better urinary excretion, and improved toxin removal; when it comes to the metabolic system, an erotic massage does it all! 

4) Circulatory System

Your body constantly pumps blood to carry oxygen to your tissues and sweep away cellular waste. It’s tough work. Fortunately, an erotic massage regulates the body’s blood flow, while increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. 

5) Nervous System

If there’s one thing an erotic massage does best (aside from act as a prelude to a very happy ending), it’s calm the nerves! Indeed, an erotic massage is well-known for soothing the nervous system, leading to better, healthier sleep. 

6) Breathing

And last, but certainly not least; after an erotic massage, you’ll notice that your breathing patterns will be deeper and more even… and that alone is worth the price of admission. 

Interested in discovering some of these healing effects for yourself? Book an appointment with some of the stunning hostesses at Le Penthouse! While we are closed at the moment due to current events, our gorgeous masseuses will be back very soon. Stay tuned!