Anti-Afrodisiacs: Foods To Stay Away From Before A Massage

anti-afrodisiacs: foods to stay away from before a massage

After a dinner of champagne, oysters and other lush foods, what better time to treat yourself to a dreamy sensual massage. While many of us focus on finding foods that act as aphrodisiacs, have you ever stopped to think about the foods that you should be staying away from?

The answer is most likely a resounding no. Yet, there are many very common meals, drinks and ingredients that are actually killing your drive. Here’s a quick list of what you need to steer away from if you’re heading to your next massage appointment.

Fried Food

Sorry guys, next time you’re planning on a night full of hedonism, you better skip the fries with your six-ounce steak. Numerous studies have revealed that fried foods are killing your libido due to testosterone-lowering hydrogenated fats found in fried foods. Luckily for you, carbs are still an option. Baked potatoes, which oddly enough increases dopamine levels, will help you in the long run.

Gin & Tonic

Say it ain’t so! Between the flavouring ‘quinine’ found in most tonics, which lowers testosterone levels, or the fact that drinking one too many can inhibit you from feeling any sort of pleasure, gin and tonics work against you big time. Opt for a martini or, better yet, a glass of red wine as it’s a known aphrodisiac. Amines, an organic compound present in wine, have been shown to increase sex drive, heighten senses, and even aid with weight loss.


Many swear that soy is the answer to many health problems, but when it comes to anything sensual, it definitely underperforms as a superfood; it literally is a powerful male anti-aphrodisiac. The phytoestrogens found in soy tend to compete with the male sex hormone and has been linked to sexual dysfunction, fertility issues, male breast growth and hair loss. In fact, zen monks eat soy to maintain their celibacy, and Japanese wives have been known to feed extra servings of tofu to unfaithful husbands to kill their ability to perform sexually!


It’s not like your meal will include an appetizer of licorice, but if you’re prone to enjoying an aperitif, take note: this herb’s calming tendencies can make you drowsy due to the active ingredient glycyrrhetinic acid. When eaten in large quantities, licorice can bring on hormonal changes in both men and women including a reduced libido and lower testosterone levels.

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