Exploring An Erotic Massage As A Couple

Exploring An Erotic Massage As A Couple

Intimacy can be challenging for some couples, especially for those in long-term relationships. So now and then, it’s important to spice up your bedroom activity by getting an erotic massage with your loved one. But why should you explore this tantalizing alternative?

Let’s be real for a second; things can get pretty dull in the bedroom after a few years together. So it’s important to seek out new and exciting opportunities to revitalize your libido. An erotic massage can add some spice to a stagnant sex drive, as many couples love to watch their partner receive pleasure.

We recommend showering with your partner beforehand to get your senses stimulated. Take the time to explore and rediscover each other’s bodies in preparation for the massage. You can even try to perform an erotic massage on your partner beforehand using some aromatic essential oils.


The Benefit of Receiving an Erotic Massage as a Couple

Like any massage, an erotic massage with your partner is designed to lower stress, reduce anxiety, and improve mood balance. However, unlike other types of massages, experiencing an erotic massage as a couple encourages intimacy, adds a new dimension to your relationship, and allows for purposeful and intentional reconnection, ultimately resulting in a closer bond. 


What You Need to Know Before Your First Massage as a Couple

1) Try Something New

At its core, an erotic massage with your partner is all about trying something new. If you’re tired of the same old restaurants and movie dates, an erotic massage allows you to beat the repetition and mix things up a little. Date night will never be the same again!

2) Observing Your Partner is Key

During an erotic massage with your significant other, there’s nothing more important than making sure that your partner is comfortable during the process. Make regular eye contact, and pay close attention to their facial expression. In addition to ensuring that they are experiencing the same level of pleasure as you are, observing your partner will give you a deeper appreciation of their unique traits and qualities.

3) Communicate

You don’t want an erotic massage to reopen old relationship woes and create substantial problems down the line. Sit down and have a one-on-one chat with your lover and discuss why you’re both interested in this activity. Don’t be shy to talk about your sex life either, and analyze how this experience could enhance your bedroom activities in the future.

4) Be Open to Sexual Exploration

An erotic massage ⁠— even one that involves your partner ⁠— requires an open mind. After all, the masseuse will be exploring your body in new and exciting ways that you might not be familiar with. While it is important that you communicate any boundaries, be sure to avoid being harshly judgemental. After all, at the end of the day, this experience is about making you and your partner feel good.

5) Why 2 Masseuses is Better than 1

One masseuse is good, but two is better! The reasons for this should be obvious; booking two masseuses means getting double the fun, and double the pleasure. Not only will both you and your partner experience waves of delicious gratification at the same time, but the masseuses will also be able to craft a treatment that is tailored to your respective needs and pleasure points.


Choose Your Masseuses

At Le Penthouse, you can choose masseuses based on your personal preferences. So if you both share similar fantasies that involve a woman, just select two of our ladies that align with your vision.

Open a line of communication with the masseuses as well. After all, you should voice any questions or concerns before the massage so you can truly enjoy the experience. Most couples are typically in the same room during the process, so it’s important to feel comfortable with your masseuses.

While satisfying men is typically straightforward, women are a little bit more complicated. Luckily, our professional ladies are experts when it comes to the female anatomy, and they know how to employ the sense of touch to create a warm euphoric sensation.


Enjoy the Adventure

Some couples hold hands during the massage, while others prefer to hire two masseuses to provide simultaneous pleasure. Some individuals even prefer to watch their partner receive the massage! At Le Penthouse, you can also request our ladies wear special stockings to satisfy your wildest thoughts. So, nothing is really off the table! Just politely communicate your desires to our staff, and we’ll make sure your dreams come true.

If you’re thinking about receiving an erotic massage with your partner, book an appointment at Le Penthouse! There’s no better time to kick start your libido with your loved one and experience a pleasurable activity together.

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