Everything You Need to Know About a Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage Montreal

Often, the term “happy ending massage” is used in a joking context — but at many adult massage parlours, a “happy ending” is a frequently requested service, as it’s often a top fantasy for those who book an erotic massage. Though it should be noted: a “happy ending” is by no means an expectation, or a requirement, of a sexual massage. Here, we’ll look at what a “happy ending” is, who it’s for, and why you may wish to book one for yourself!

What Is a Happy Ending Massage?

A happy ending massage is, in short, a sexual or erotic massage that ends with the stimulation of your genitals, often leading to an orgasm. Usually, the massage will begin with the recipient lying on their back, and the masseuse will ask them to turn to their front for the last portion of the massage. If desired or requested, this is when the happy ending takes place: the masseuse will perform a “hand job” (on either a man or a woman!) to stimulate their penis, vagina, or clitoris, and bring about a heightened level of erogenous stimulation. Usually, this results in an orgasm, but an orgasm is not expected or required of you or the masseuse. 

Even though a happy ending focuses on the final moments of the massage, but it’s important to remember that, ultimately, an erotic massage is about the complete, sensual experience.

Why Get a Happy Ending Massage?

There are a number of reasons to get a happy ending massage:

  • Improved self-confidence and sexual wellbeing 
  • Better circulation and lower blood pressure
  • A feeling of relief and relaxation
  • Overall erotic pleasure and stimulation

Who Are Happy Ending Massages For?

While there is a common misconception that happy ending massages are just for men or those with penises, happy ending massages can be enjoyed by anyone, of any gender, who wish to incorporate genital stimulation into their sensual or erotic massage. 

What Should You Expect During a Happy Ending Massage?

What you expect during a happy ending massage will depend on what you and your masseuse agree upon ahead of time — every massage is different! But, generally, there are a few guarantees (and some guidelines). 

Preparing for the Massage

Ahead of the massage, you will discuss your desires and boundaries with your masseuse, and she will share hers. You’ll have an opportunity to agree on any limitations, and discuss what type of touch and stimulation feels best to you. 

After this, you will be taken to the massage room, and asked to remove your clothes and lie down on the massage table. Often, you will be asked to shower first. Your masseuse will let you know whether you should completely undress, or keep your underwear on. If there’s anything you’re unsure about or uncomfortable with, just ask! 

A Slow Sensual Massage

Your erotic massage will usually begin with you lying on your back, as your masseuse uses oils or lotions (your preference!) to perform a slow, sensual massage. The masseuse may be clothed, partially clothed, or nude — you’ll discuss your preference before the massage begins. Your masseuse will begin to slowly incorporate your erogenous zones, such as your inner thighs and feet, into the massage. 

Moving Towards Your Erogenous Zones

If your massage has a happy ending planned, your masseuse will most likely ask you to turn onto your back so she can more easily access your penis or clitoris. During this part of the massage, people with penises may be asked to wear a condom. The masseuse will look for verbal or physical cues that you’re enjoying this stimulation; even if you’ve already discussed your desire for a happy ending, you should always communicate with your masseuse if anything feels uncomfortable, or if you’d like her to change the way she’s touching you (within the boundaries you discussed earlier, of course!). And remember: don’t touch the masseuse unless her consent is explicitly and verbally given! 

Enjoy the Happy Ending

In many cases, once your masseuse has started stimulating your penis or clitoris, an orgasm will likely follow — but not always! Orgasms are not expected or required of happy ending massages, though they are often the result. Relax and enjoy the sexual stimulation you’re being given! 


Tipping is customary after any sensual massage, including those with a happy ending. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for your masseuse’s services! 

Do I Have to Ask for a Happy Ending Massage?

Yes, you have to ask for a happy ending massage. Sensual and erotic massages focus on providing sexual stimulation, but a happy ending is not always the expectation — some individuals who get sensual massages don’t want a happy ending. It’s important to clearly and enthusiastically communicate with your masseuse that, not only are you comfortable with a happy ending, but that it’s something you want! 

Where Can I Get a Happy Ending Massage?

Our beautiful, talented masseuses at Le Penthouse are happy to provide you with a happy ending massage. Contact us to book today! 

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