Everything You Need To Know About Weed Legalization In Montreal

Everything You Need To Know About Weed Legalization In Montreal

On October 17th, Canada became the first western country to legalize cannabis consumption. The details of legalization had been in the pipework since Justin Trudeau’s government was elected to power back in November 2015.

On the heels of legalization, many individuals still have questions, so we’re here to break down all the facts!

Where Can You Buy Marijuana?

When the federal government announced legalization, the details revealed that each province and territory would decide how consumers would purchase the substance. In Quebec, legalization led to the creation of the Société québécoise du cannabis – otherwise known as the SQDC– that mirrors the Société des alcools du Québec

On October 17th, 11 stores opened across the province, and it’s the only outlet to purchase weed legally. If you’re visiting Montreal for vacation or a quick business trip, you can explore their site to find the location nearest you. It’s also legal for foreigners to purchase the substance at the SQDC.

What Products Are Available?

Consumers over the age of 18 can buy a range of cannabis products ranging from pre-rolled joints, dried flowers, ground buds, sprays, and pills. For the time being, edibles are prohibited so you won’t be able to get your hands on a pot brownie at the SQDC.

 How Much Does It Cost?

The government introduced competitive pricing to compete with the black market, so you’ll discover that many strains are quite affordable. Most strains of dried cannabis start at around $5 per gram, while other strains go up to $10 per gram.

The oils and sprays are more expensive but can be utilized over an extended period. In Quebec, residents are not allowed to grow marijuana plants, while other provinces (except Manitoba) permit this activity.

Ordering Online

There have been long lines outside of the SQDC since the store opened in October, but many Quebecers are getting past the queue by ordering online. The official site is optimized for online shopping, and it only takes two to five days to receive your shipment in the mail via Canada Post.

 Age Limit

To purchase cannabis in Montreal, you have to be 18 years of age or older. The new provincial government that was elected at the beginning of October vowed to increase the age to 21, but there’s been no progress on that front as of late.

Erotic Massages And Smoking Pot

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