Are Erotic Massages with Happy Endings Legal in Montreal?

Are Erotic Massages with Happy Endings Legal in Montreal?

What is a Happy Ending Massage?

A happy ending massage is one that begins with a sensual full-body rubdown but ends with a climax. Erotic massage is far from new: the practice has been around for centuries. Doctors in ancient Greece prescribed it to patients, and Tantric massage in India is about as ancient as the Kamasutra. Of course, calling the sexual climax at the end of a massage a ‘happy ending’ is a 20th-century addition. 

What are the Benefits of a Happy Ending Massage?

  • Emotional wellbeing

Happy endings are a boon to emotional wellness. While the physical benefits of sexual release are undeniable, learning to receive pleasure can also raise your confidence levels and overall self-esteem.

  • Better health

Happy ending massage can improve your blood circulation, thereby strengthening your immune system and bolstering your overall physical health.

  • Relaxation and stress reduction

Perhaps the most tangible benefit of a happy ending massage is relaxation. Expect a highly soothing effect on both your body and mind. This is one of the best ways to learn to release the stresses of your day.

  • Improved relationships

Happy ending massage, believe it or not, can benefit people in relationships. Sensual massage can improve your ability to experience pleasure while helping you open yourself more to your partner’s feelings and desires.

  • Self-awareness

What better way is there to get to know yourself than by surrendering all control to an erotic masseuse? Abandoning your inhibitions and insecurities at the door will help you understand your feelings and desires in new ways and maybe even discover preferences you weren’t previously aware of!

  • Orgasm control

A happy ending massage can help you learn the art of orgasm control. You may find that issues such as premature ejaculation are significantly improved once you learn to refocus your mind and enjoy the pathway to pleasure rather than the destination only.

How Much does it Cost for a Happy Ending Massage?

The precise cost of your happy ending massage will depend on the specific type of massage you select, the type of room (regular room vs VIP suite), and the length of your massage (we offer 30, 45, and 60-minute massages). You can find all details necessary to determine your final cost right here!

Is a Happy ending legal in Montreal?

When it comes to happy ending massages at erotic massage parlours in Montreal, we’re dealing with somewhat of a grey zone. In other words, it’s widely considered ‘legal,’ and therefore widely practiced and expected by masseuses and clients alike. In fact, happy endings are just the beginning. The wide range of services offered at Montreal’s erotic massage parlours even include nude, full-body, full-contact massages with copious amounts of oil–for starters! While some places are more discreet than others, many flock to Montreal for their storybook happy ending. 

Feeling Lucky?

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Raise Your Glass

In Montreal, the legal drinking age is 18, which means that you can bring your younger brother to a bachelor party and show him the best night of his young life. Need we say more? Not to mention, since the drinking age in Montreal is the lowest in North America, Montreal’s bars are teeming with younger-than-usual women, so you’re sure to find age appropriate girls for both yourself and your younger bro–and if you’re into younger women, you’re certainly covered in la belle ville.

Wake and Bake

Interested in indulging in something green, pungent, still considered taboo in many parts of the world? Then you’ve come to the right place! In Montreal, consumers over the age of 21 can buy a wide range of cannabis products, ranging from pre-rolled joints, dried flowers, ground buds, and sprays. While these products can be purchased at the Société québécoise du cannabis (otherwise known as the SQDC ), feel free to skip the line by ordering online!

Wandering Hands

There are strip clubs, and then there are Montreal strip clubs. The city is famous for its strip joints, which are often nestled between popular restaurants and stores along its main roads. In fact, it is arguable that no trip to Montreal is complete without a visit to at least one strip club – and that is particularly true if that trip involves a naughty bachelor party. Interestingly, in Montreal, most strip clubs are relaxed, affordable and, most importantly, full-contact. There’s just one golden rule; anywhere but between the legs. 

The Happiest of Endings

When it comes to erotic massages in Montreal, nothing is ever off the table, and that includes happy endings. In fact, one could argue that happy endings are just the beginning. Legal and discreet, happy endings in Montreal are everything one could hope for, and more. 

Where can I get a Happy Ending Massage in Montreal?

At Le Penthouse, a happy ending is a welcome conclusion to any erotic massage. But as our highly trained hostesses will tell you, it’s not the destination that matters most, but the journey you take to get there. If you’re ready for a top-tier sensual massage in the world’s naughtiest city, contact LePenthouse today!