Why Erotic Massages Are Not Only for Men

Seductive woman laying in bed with legs crossed

The massage process can be extremely seducing for women. With dimmed lighting, soft music, and deep rubbing, it’s tough not to be.

Many juicy tales of standard massages progressing to a fulfilling sensual experience float around friendship circles, capturing the imagination of women who want to live the fantasy for themselves. 

Body language and other alluring behaviors are said to be the keys to success, but a massage rarely reaches the climactic finale you imagined. The good news is that there’s an alternative to fulfill your desires: an erotic massage parlor. 

Instead of giving out hidden signals and secret turns of phrase, finding a place that specializes in erotic massages is a sure-fire way to get exactly what you want. 

It’s no longer taboo for women to get erotic massages and far more women receive them than you think. Here are some reasons that it’s time for you to get one too.

Play Out your Wildest Fantasy

The ‘massage turned into more’ fantasy is a popular one. But many believe that there’s no way this fantasy will ever happen to them or figure that no such service exists. 

After all, there’s a reason it’s a fantasy, right? 


At an erotic massage parlor Montreal, you can play out your wildest fantasy and enjoy a passionately delivered massage that takes care of all your desires – no strings attached. Feel empowered by the choice to focus on your pleasure and totally submissive at the hands of our experienced hostesses.  

We know how to Please you

Our gorgeous hostesses know exactly how to satisfy you. We know which points to hits and where needs attention on your body. 

We apply oils and carefully caress and apply pressure with various massage strokes to take you on a vitalizing journey to the end destination. 

Health Benefits

We all need intimate touch – it’s healthy. 

Erotic massage enables you to satisfy deep needs and ignite pleasures and desires. Especially so for those with a lack of intimacy in their lives, sensual massage is a wonderful way to restore self-confidence, insecurities, and intimacy. 

Our bodies are made to receive touch and sensual massage more than meets this crucial need.

Unknown to many is the wide range of health benefits that come with erotic massage. Some of the health benefits include: 

  • Relieves stress
  • Treats anxiety
  • Regulates blood flow 
  • Relaxes muscles and builds strength
  • Good for the heart and other body organs
  • Improves social interactions
  • Detoxifies the body

Women’s Erotic Massage Parlor in Montreal

Le Penthouse has a top-of-the-range setting that works to create an ambiance that puts you at ease. We customize our erotic massages to your desires, and our gorgeous hostesses listen to your every need and are here to satisfy men, women, and even couples. 

Call now and book an unforgettable erotic massage today!

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