Your Embarrassing Erotic Massage Questions Answered!

Your Embarrassing Massage Questions Answered

What Is Sensual Massage?

The goal of sensual massage is to discover a flow of energy within your body through relaxation and physical pleasure. Sensual massage mixes traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. The fusion of erotic touching lets customers reach higher levels of arousal and relaxation, making the overall experience incredibly enjoyable.

Is It Illegal?

Contrary to popular belief, sensual massage is legal. Masseuses are qualified and trained specialists in the erotic massage industry. 

Is It a Naked Massage?

Sensual massages can be performed naked if the customer wishes. Our masseuses are trained to calm and relax your nerves, and you will be asked to remove your clothes but will be handed a towel to cover yourself if you wish. When you’re feeling more at ease, your masseuse will gradually remove the towel with your consent.

Can I Touch the Masseuse?

While an erotic massage can be quite physical and exciting, you’re not allowed to touch the masseuse under any circumstances – unless specified. If a client breaks this rule and disrespects the masseuse in any way, they’ll be asked to leave by security. This kind of conduct won’t be permitted at Le Penthouse, and it’s important you treat your masseuse with courtesy and kindness.

Where Will They Touch?

They will caress every inch of your body just like a conventional massage, which focuses mainly on areas that hold tension such as the back, arms and legs. The lovely ladies of Le Penthouse are fully trained in the art of full-body massage and come from a range of backgrounds. The difference is (lucky you!) sensual massage includes erogenous touching. This means your intimate areas will be massaged too. Though don’t assume it’ll happen right away, it will take some time to fully achieve a sense of ultimate relaxation before the main event.

How Long Does It Take?

At Le Penthouse in Montreal, we have time slots ranging from 30-60 minutes. We believe that if you want to fully embrace the practice of sensual massage and intense orgasm, opting for the 60 minutes is encouraged. 

Does It Include a Happy Ending?

Happy endings are welcomed and promoted during sensual massage. However, as with many things, it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey to that point. A happy ending can only be achieved if the client has reached a high level of relaxation and euphoria.

Do I Tip My Masseuse? 

Of course. Like any interaction you’d have with a worker, or a regular masseuse for that matter, leaving a 15-25 percent cash tip is expected at the end of your service. If you have appointments regularly or enjoyed your experience with one of our beautiful women, tipping extra is highly encouraged for a job well done!

Some clients are looking for more of an elevated experience, which is why Le Penthouse is happy to invite those who are interested in booking the VIP Penthouse Suite. This place is equipped with a large shower, a futon, a flat-screen TV, and a whirlpool, which provides seclusion and intimacy with your gorgeous masseuse… and some pretty awesome perks to boot! Some of our clients even spend multiple hours at our institution as it’s a great place to hang out with beautiful women in private.


If you’re in the mood to book an appointment at Le Penthouse, give us a call at 514-564-3332.

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