The Dos And Don’ts Of A Sensual Massage

The Dos And Don’ts Of A Sensual Massage

If you’ve never had an erotic massage, you may have a few questions before the appointment. This blog is dedicated to the dos and don’ts when visiting a massage parlour.



The secret to an intimate experience is proper communication; it’s important to relay your thoughts and emotions to the masseuse before the actual massage begins. We know it may be a little awkward or uncomfortable in the beginning, but it’ll ultimately help reduce your stress levels and allow you to connect with an attractive, sensual and talented woman.


If you don’t feel an immediate connection or attraction to your masseuse, you can always request a change. Several masseuses work each shift, so there’s always a lovely lady ready to jump in and provide a helping hand.


Don’t Be Aggressive

When things get intense on the massage table, some clients can become physically and verbally aggressive. This kind of behaviour won’t be tolerated at Le Penthouse, and it’s crucial you treat your masseuse with kindness and respect. Just sit back and relax as the professionals will provide a delicate and sensual massage.


Shower Beforehand

We recommend all of our clients take a shower beforehand and use a warm cloth to exfoliate the skin and open up the pores. By doing this, you’ll be more relaxed for the massage and feel more pleasure by the end of the session.


If you’re coming straight from the office, you can always use one of the showers in both the classic room and the VIP penthouse suite. In some instances, a masseuse can join you for an enhanced intimate experience.


If you’re self-conscious about body hair, simply trim, shave or wax a few days before. Do not shave or wax immediately before your appointment because your skin may become irritated.


Do Not Bring Massage Oil

Unless you have severe allergies or skin sensitivities, do not bring your own oil. At Le Penthouse, we use high-quality massage oils that provide stellar viscosity and help soothe those tense muscles.


Tip Accordingly 

You’d never leave a restaurant without tipping the waitress, and the same concept applies to the lovely women at Le Penthouse. Most clients provide a 15 to 20 percent tip once the entire massage is over, while regular customers tend to give more substantial gratuities.


If you’re thinking about booking an appointment for an erotic massage, call (514) 564-3332 or visit Our professional and gorgeous ladies specialize in sensual and discrete pleasure in Montreal.