Different Sexual Massage Styles That Will Blow Your Mind

Different Sexual Massage Styles That Will Blow Your Mind

Erotic or sexual massage is a type of massage that focuses on the body’s erogenous zones to provide sexual stimulation and relaxation. Sexual massages can provide sexual pleasure and help build sexual confidence and address sexual insecurities and hangups. There are a number of different types of sexual massages, including tantric massage, Nuru or body-to-body massage, and yoni or lingam massage, each of which provides a different type of pleasure. Some sexual massages, known as happy ending massage, result in orgasm, but an orgasm is not an expectation of any sexual massage experience. 

Other Names for Sexual Massage

Sexual massage can also be known as erotic massage, but specific types of sexual massage all have their own names. We will address what each of these types of massages are below, and what types of sensual experiences they provide. 

Duo or Four Hands Massage

Simply put, a four hands massage involves one person receiving a massage from two people at once — four hands are performing the massage! This type of massage can lead to a full-body (Nuru) massage but is generally enjoyed for its intense physical sensation, as well as the visual stimulation of watching two hostesses perform a massage at once. 

Lingam or Penis Massage

A lingam or penis massage is a sexual massage that focuses on the shaft of the penis, as well as the testicles, perineum, and external prostate. A penis massage does not always end in orgasm, but it can, if this is agreed upon beforehand between you and your hostess. 

Nuru or Body to Body Massage

In Japanese, “Nuru” means “slippery” — making it an appropriate name for body-to-body massage, which involves the masseuse covering themselves with massage oil and lying across the naked body of the person receiving the massage. The masseuse then rubs their body against the person receiving the massage, resulting in an incredible, sensual stimulation. 

Yoni or Vagina Massage

A yoni or vagina massage focuses on providing sensual pleasure to the vagina, also known as the yoni. Like a penis massage, the goal of a yoni massage is not necessarily orgasm; it is more focused on relaxation and overall pleasure, but an orgasm may be achieved if discussed beforehand. 

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a full-body massage that focuses on energy, stimulation, and release more than just sexual pleasure — though, of course, it can involve sensual, erotic sensations as well. This type of massage is rooted in an ancient practice that aims to remove blockages and help energy flow more freely through the body. 

Soapy Massage

During a soapy massage, both the masseuse and the person receiving the massage are usually naked and standing in a shower. The masseuse will lather the person receiving the massage with soap, providing sensual pleasure while also cleaning their body during a deeply relaxing, erotic, steamy experience. 

Happy Ending Massage

A happy ending massage is, in short, a massage that ends with a climax, a.k.a. an orgasm. A happy ending should be discussed with your hostess beforehand, and they will agree to stimulate you to climax, if possible. 

Where can I get Sexual Massage in Montreal?

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