What Is The Difference Between An Erotic Massage And A Nuru Massage?

What Is The Difference Between An Erotic Massage And A Nuru Massage?

Over the last few months, several clients have inquired about a “Nuru” – an ancient Japanese massage dating back to 16th century when the Samurai ruled the tiny island nation. So today we’re going to outline the main differences between a Nuru and a traditional erotic massage.


What Is A Nuru?

Originating in the city of Kawasaki, a typical Nuru involves a hot shower to exfoliate the skin and help relax the muscles. A naked masseuse then spreads a thick, gel-like lubricant and mounts the client to provide an intimate massage, generating tantric pleasure and relaxation.


The term Nuru roughly translates to “wet” or “slippery” from Japanese to English and represents how the massage involves the use of lubricants to provide stimulation and euphoric excitement. In the old days, the lube was made with seaweed particles, but nowadays most parlours use high-quality water-based products.


Why Are These Massages So Popular?

During the 80s, Japan experienced an economic boom that attracted foreign investors and western tourists who quickly discovered these exotic massage parlours. Word quickly spread and soon other establishments across Asia started offering this type of service, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


Most men and women indulge in these activities because it goes beyond your typical erotic massage and involves a lot of grinding and touching. Many loyal customers also say the rubbing and grinding creates a passionate build-up of excitement, leading to a literal explosion of sexual energy.


Who benefits from a Nuru massage?

One of the stark differences between a Nuru and a regular massage is that the masseuse experiences tantric pleasure. Yes, you read correctly; the masseuse usually rubs her body up against the client and stimulates erotic pleasure without penetration. Some clients enjoy this aspect and find it quite enjoyable to see their lovely masseuse experiencing a great deal of satisfaction.


Other individuals have a hard time connecting with partners or have issues with intimacy. So a Nuru is a great way to bridge these gaps and have a bit of naughty fun with a stunning goddess.


Where To Get A Nuru Massage In Montreal?    

At Le Penthouse, we cater to all of your needs. If you’re looking for an experience to kick-start your libido, you’ve come to the right place. Our beautiful women know how to get you excited, and are experts on both the female and male anatomy.


We also go beyond the traditional massage and offer a range of services that are both professional and discreet. We ensure you experience a tranquil state of ecstasy and pleasure in the heart of our Montreal location.


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