Common Erotic Massage Etiquette Mistakes

Massage Parlor Etiquette

Massage Parlor Etiquette

When the time comes to book an erotic massage and explore your wildest fantasies, it’s normal to be overcome with excitement and nerves in equal measure.

At Le Penthouse, we welcome new clients through our Montreal doors every day. To help you settle into your first visit and avoid any hiccups, we’ve listed some common etiquette mistakes, so your erotic massage goes just as you envisioned.  

Do Practice Acceptable Hygiene

Proper hygiene is, without a doubt, the biggest aspect of massage parlor etiquette. Few massage parlors will ask for a full-body scrub in advance, but you should make an effort to be presentable for your appointment. 

1) Body Hair Dilemma

Giving yourself a body hair trim will boost your confidence in time for the massage and allow the masseuse to rub her fingers over your smooth body. Take a trimmer to your chest and legs and use a razor on the body’s more sensitive parts. 

If you’re not a fan of the razor, many of our male clients prefer to get waxed before their visit.  The process does sting at first, but the results are smoother and long-lasting. Just make sure to spread out your waxing and erotic massage appointments, because the skin may be sensitive.

2) Shower In Advance

You’d be surprised how many clients forget to shower before an erotic massage appointment. Remember, you will be lying naked in an intimate space for up to one hour. Feeling conscious of your body odour and musk will do nothing to relax you for your massage! 

A fresh, clean body also makes the masseuse’s job easier because she can glide the lubricant evenly across a specific section. If you don’t have time to clean yourself off beforehand, you can always get the VIP Suite at Le Penthouse, which has a shower for your convenience.

3) Avoid Smoking Before the Massage

If you smoke shortly before your massage, harmful toxins from the tobacco will have seeped into your skin. As the masseuse relaxes your pores, these toxins will release into their hands and all over your body.

4) Avoid Drinking Large Quantities of Alcohol

While we often have bachelor parties and groups come to our erotic massage parlour, we request that you not arrive heavily intoxicated. If you have consumed large quantities of alcohol, you will be asked to leave by security.

5) Should You Bring Your Own Massage Oil / Accessories?

No. Our erotic massage parlor is fully equipped with all of the best massage oils to tingle your senses. 


Much like other areas of the hospitality industry, tipping is common practice in the massage industry. We recommend leaving a 15 to 20% cash tip at the end of your service, but it’s up to the client’s discretion. Some customers tip above average – especially if they have appointments regularly.

Communicate With Your Masseuses Nicely

For a good massage, you need to be completely transparent with your masseuse. Remember, you are the sole focus of the session, and we’re here to satisfy your needs. If you would like a specific sensual service, prefer a deep massage, or want to focus on a particular body area, let the masseuse know – it’s more than okay! 

Use Proper Terminologies  

Depending on the massage parlour you visit, the workers might be particular about the terminology you use. Some parlours find it inappropriate to call the therapist a “masseuse” or “masseur.” 

At Le Penthouse, we aren’t particular about how you refer to our lovely ladies. Our masseuses are qualified specialists in erotic massage – blending classic masseuse techniques with a sprinkle of sensual magic.

Do Not Touch The Masseuse If You Are Not Allowed to

While an erotic massage can be intimate and exciting, you’re not allowed to touch the masseuse under any circumstances – unless specified otherwise. If a client breaks this rule and disrespects the masseuse, they’ll be asked to leave by security. 

It’s a straightforward rule to follow. All you need to do is sit back and let the masseuse’s hands work their magic. 

Make An Effort To Connect With Your Masseuse

Courtesy and politeness can go a long way when it comes to an erotic massage. Before you begin your session, make an effort to have a quick conversation with the masseuse. Ask how her day’s going and try to connect beforehand – building a rapport will make the massage more enticing.

Remember to talk to the masseuse about what you expect from the session and your personal desires. All of our hostesses are extremely accommodating to all of your deepest desires.

Make An Appointment

While we always service walk-ins, it’s better to call in advance to book an appointment with your masseuse. You can check out our beautiful masseuse on our website – so if you have a preference for a redhead or a blonde, we can ensure your fantasy becomes a reality. If you’re thinking about booking an erotic massage at Le Penthouse, don’t hesitate! Give us a call at (514) 564-3332 to book today!

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