How To Choose An Erotic Massage Salon When Visiting Montreal

How To Choose An Erotic Massage Salon When Visiting Montreal

There are a lot of options in Montreal for tourists looking for an erotic massage salon. But it’s really important to stay away from the grimy, low-class establishments that populate the downtown core, as they tend to be unhygienic and downright unprofessional. Don’t throw away your money and be left feeling unsatisfied and in the dumps. This is why we’ve created this guide to choosing an erotic massage salon in the Montreal area.


Check Online

Are you planning a trip to Montreal in the near future? Well, start your adventure in the metropolis with a scintillating erotic massage that can create an intensified state of pleasure. Before you get to the city though, check the online reviews to ensure you’re choosing a reputable establishment that offers the services that meet your demands.


If you come across a massage parlour with an out-dated and horrendous website, it’s best to avoid it at all costs. The website usually reflects the institution and you probably won’t have an enjoyable experience.


Ask Around

Montreal is a popular tourist destination and last year approximately 10 million tourists visited the city. So, ask your buddies who’ve visited the city and ask where they received their erotic massages. If you know someone who has been to the city for a bachelor party, they definitely know where to go. Often times, men will start their night at a strip club before being recommended to a reliable massage salon in the vicinity.



Once you’ve found a proper massage parlour, it’s important to check out their masseuses in advance and select one based on your personal preferences. For example, at Le Penthouse, there are photos of all the masseuses on the website, so you can select a woman based on your inclination for hair or eye colour.



One of the secrets to a stimulating erotic massage is the communication aspect with your masseuse. If you’re a little nervous in advance, relay your questions and concerns to her and she’ll properly assure you that everything will be calm and relaxing. A lot of men are a little uncomfortable partially nude in front of another woman and some are even plagued by horrible body insecurities. It’s important to discard these doubts and understand that a professional masseuse is equipped to work with all body types and can reassure you there’s no reason to be uptight.


Make A Reservation

If you’re travelling to Montreal during a particularly busy season (especially around the Grand Prix in June), it’s best to call ahead and make a reservation. Keep in mind the summer months tend to be really busy so it’s best to be proactive and organized.


If you’re visiting Montreal in the near future, you should definitely stop by Le Penthouse, where we offer superior services that blow away the competition. Our experienced masseuses provide adhere by the utmost professional standards and provide an unforgettable erotic massage.