Things To Do For Your Weekend Trip To Montreal

Serving as Canada’s second-largest city, Montreal attracts nearly 10 million tourists from around the world on an annual basis. Many travelers from the east coast take a weekend trip to this sprawling metropolis for a slice of culture and adventure. So we’re going to talk about the things to do during your weekend trip to Montreal!   Discover Le Penthouse It's no secret, Montreal is the party capital of North America. Wander the streets and you'll find a range of [...]

Exploring An Erotic Massage As A Couple

Intimacy can be challenging for some couples, especially for those in long-term relationships. So now and then, it's important to spice up your bedroom activity by getting an erotic massage with your loved one. But why should you explore this tantalizing alternative? Let’s be real for a second; things can get pretty dull in the bedroom after a few years together. So it’s important to seek out new and exciting opportunities to revitalize your libido. An erotic massage can help [...]

How To Choose An Erotic Massage Salon When Visiting Montreal

There are a lot of options in Montreal for tourists looking for an erotic massage salon. But it’s really important to stay away from the grimy, low-class establishments that populate the downtown core, as they tend to be unhygienic and downright unprofessional. Don’t throw away your money and be left feeling unsatisfied and in the dumps. This is why we’ve created this guide to choosing an erotic massage salon in the Montreal area.   Check Online Are you planning a [...]

What Is A Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is an intimate activity that employs the use of touch to create the sensation of euphoria and relaxation. In the western world, the majority of the population is uneducated when it comes to this subject. Many individuals view these services with a mix of disdain and disgust, even though a massage can provide an array of positive health benefits and unparalleled sense of pleasure. Today we’re diving into this topic to better understand it and look at [...]

Why Erotic Massage is the Perfect Way to Unwind

Stress can have a variety of negative consequences on your health including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and mental health issues. It virtually affects every single aspect of your life and can lead down a path of misery. According to a report by Statistics Canada in 2014, approximately 23 per cent of Canadians said they felt extremely stressed on a daily basis, meaning we’re in the midst of an epidemic.   It’s important to take some time to yourself [...]

How to Choose A Professional Massage Service

Receiving an erotic massage can be an enticing and unique experience, so it’s important to choose a service that aligns with your deepest desires. At Le Penthouse, we offer a wide range of services, meaning you’ll always leave feeling utterly pleasured and satisfied. Here are a few tips on how to choose a professional massage service. Outline Your Needs If you’re in the mood for an erotic massage, it’s important to outline your needs and desires before visiting Le Penthouse. [...]

Breaking Taboo Around Erotic Massage

Western society entered a phase of sexual repression in the 19th century during the Victorian era. It was forbidden to publically speak about sex and it was even more shameful to privately please yourself. Women were always draped in colourful fabrics that concealed their figure and everyday objects that looked phallic were covered or removed. Thankfully we’ve developed since the oppressive days of the Victorian era and are now able to fully explore our sexuality and speak about it openly. [...]

How Massages Can Help Ease Stress

In small doses, stress can be a powerful motivator – unfortunately, in today’s high-pressure society, many people suffer from chronic stress, which can prove crippling both physically and psychologically. Effects of stress include headaches, loss of sleep, muscle tension, anger outbursts, substance abuse and more. Although many medications are available to help deal with stress, they often come with annoying side effects. Surely there must be a way to relieve stress without resorting to pharmaceutical products? Well, you could always [...]

Renew Your Relationship with an Erotic Massage

Life can get really hectic sometimes and daily stress can often have a negative impact on your mind and body. It’s important to momentarily escape from this pressure and take the time to properly treat yourself. The best option out there is an erotic massage, which can alleviate the tension and make you feel rejuvenated. Le Penthouse offers a unique experience for those men who want a break from the fast place life, and our stunning masseuses are ready to [...]

Reasons Why Montreal Is the Best Place for Your Bachelor Party

There is no shortage of fun in the sin city of the north! Montreal is the city to guarantee you and your boys an epically good time full of booze, delicious food, and jamming parties. With its world-class entertainment destinations and exciting outdoor action, Montreal is your destination for a bachelor party of a lifetime. Here are a few Montreal bachelor party ideas that might win you and your crew over: The Food: Every party needs to start (and end) [...]