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Breaking Taboo Around Erotic Massage

Breaking Taboo Around Erotic Massage

Western society entered a phase of sexual repression in the 19th century during the Victorian era. It was forbidden to publically speak about sex and it was even more shameful to privately please yourself. Women were always draped in colourful fabrics that concealed their figure and everyday objects that looked phallic were covered or removed.

Thankfully we’ve developed since the oppressive days of the Victorian era and are now able to fully explore our sexuality and speak about it openly. We can find all the information at our fingertips on the Internet and casually date with the convenience of a dating app. More importantly, we can even enjoy a sensual erotic massage without worrying about being judged by our peers or society. We can even bring our boys and get massages altogether. Who’d of known we’d ever see this day.

Sometimes the taboo continues to surround the subject though, so here are four ways of breaking the taboo regarding erotic massages.

Speak With Your Friends

Maybe some of your friends are a little uncomfortable with the idea of getting an erotic massage, but it’s important to talk to them about this subject. Ask why they’re feeling uncomfortable and try and understand their point of view. If they’re interested in getting a massage as well, do some research together and make some calls to see which massage parlour offers the best services that suit your needs and expectations.

Talk To Your Partner

Being transparent and honest is crucial in a relationship. Talk to your girlfriend about your desire to get an erotic massage and see if she’s comfortable with the idea. Remember there’s nothing to feel ashamed about, plus a massage is literally harmless. Educate her on the subject matter and describe the health benefits including increased circulation, muscle relaxation, and a boost for your immune system. Take note that Le Penthouse also caters to women so we’ll be able to properly pleasure your female companion with a sensual massage.

Make It An Event

Getting an erotic massage with your closest friends is simply amazing. At Le Penthouse, we’re equipped to serve large groups of men, so there’s no better place to host a bachelor party or a large birthday celebration. Everyone is guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed and pleasured.

Don’t Feel Ashamed

If you’ve been interested in getting an erotic massage for quite some time but feel too awkward and ashamed, you simply need to overcome these irrational thoughts and take a leap of faith. Exploring our sexuality is an innate human right; so don’t deny yourself this fantasy. You need to take action by doing some research and putting some plans into motion. Plus if you choose to come to Le Penthouse, you’ll be taken care of by our gorgeous staff, which will take care of all your questions, concerns, and needs.

Aren’t you glad we don’t live in the Victorian era? In 2017, we’re finally able to express ourselves sexually without feeling isolated or judged by society. If you’re looking for a unique erotic massage, Le Penthouse offers a wide range of options, meaning you’ll always be fully satisfied.