Difference Between Normal Massage Vs Erotic Massage

Are your muscles sore from a long, stressful week at work? Instead of kicking back on the couch and binging on Netflix, a massage can release built-up tension and help you unwind.  In Montreal, you’re never far from a massage parlour, but many clients are conflicted between a normal and an erotic massage. What are the differences and which is best for you?  In this post, we break down the main differences between a traditional massage and an erotic massage, [...]

Is An Erotic Massage Safe?

If you have never experienced an erotic massage from a professional establishment, you’re probably questioning whether making an appointment is safe.  The good news is that - despite what you may hear in the media - erotic massages are completely safe. After all, an erotic massage is just a form of massage therapy performed by specialist massage therapists trained in the art of deep relaxation with sensual techniques. With an erotic massage, you satisfy your relaxation needs and sexual desires, [...]

Strip Clubs vs. Erotic Massage: Which You Should Choose?

When choosing between spending your hard-earned cash on a visit to a strip club or erotic massage parlour, there is plenty to consider.  Strip clubs and erotic massages are usually the top two preferences when you are searching for some erotic visual and physical stimulation, but which establishment should you choose to spend your evening?  The decision comes down to your personal preference and what type of mood you’re in, but in this post, we’ve outlined some of the top [...]

Massage Parlor Lingo You Should Be Aware Of

On your first trip to an erotic massage parlour, it’s normal to be nervous about the process because you’re unsure about what to expect.  Most often, the concerns circle around the correct lingo and words you should be using to describe the type of service you’d like. How do you get across your desires without appearing too abrupt and forward?  It’s widely believed that there is a mysterious book filled with code words that unlock a secret passage to your [...]

What Is the Difference Between a Massage Therapist and a Masseuse

A massage session can be the golden ticket to stress-relief when you’ve got a few knots and built-up tension in your muscles. If you’re new to the world of massage, you might not be aware of the difference between a massage therapist and masseuse. While slight, there are some important differences in techniques and intimacy that you should be aware of.  Which is best for your needs, and what are the specific differences? Massage Work Differences Massage therapists typically provide [...]

4 Erotic Massage Techniques That Everyone Should Know

Giving your partner a massage is an act of kindness that can relieve built-up tension, but it can also be the ultimate foreplay if you throw in some erotic elements!  We’re sure you’ve already given your partner plenty of middle-of-the-road rubdowns, but wouldn’t it be nice to take it to the next level with some erotic techniques? Even if you don’t incorporate a happy ending into your rubdown, the intimacy benefits of a proper massage are endless.  With soothing touch, [...]

A Beginner’s Secrets For Your 1st Erotic Massage

It’s natural to be apprehensive about your first trip to an erotic massage parlour. Although you have nothing to worry about (believe us, the girls at Le Penthouse are extremely welcoming), there are a few things you should know and expect on your arrival, just so there aren’t any surprises. Everyone Wants an Erotic Massage You’re certainly not alone in looking up erotic massages; we have men and women from all backgrounds visit our parlor. In the past couple of [...]

How Much To Tip A Massage Therapist

Thinking of getting a sensual massage? We don’t blame you! After all, a sensual massage is a great way to relax after a stressful week at the office, and a professional masseuse can get rid of those painful kinks and soothe those tense muscles. Interestingly, many customers seem to struggle when it comes to figuring out how much to tip a massage therapist once the treatment is over. To help, we’re devoting this blog post to proper tipping etiquette! How [...]

What Are The Different Types Of Erotic Massages?

Did you know there are several different types of erotic massages available at Le Penthouse? Our professionals are trained in a range of different massage techniques and know-how to provide discreet pleasure to satisfy your libido. If you’re curious and want to explore our erotic services, continue reading as we discuss the details in today’s blog post! Tantric Massage Originating from the Indian subcontinent, a tantric massage involves incorporating elements of the Karma Sutra -- an ancient sexual text that [...]

Top Tips on How to Improve Sexual Performance

Introduction Today, we’re tackling a topic that might be slightly uncomfortable for both a massage professional and a client; sex. Specifically, we’ll be discussing some top tips on how to improve sexual performance.  Now more than ever, it’s easy to get swept up in a high-stress lifestyle. In the hustle and bustle of our modern life, we’ve all been guilty of trading nutritious meals and daily exercise for quick take-out and hours of binging on TV. However, while we are [...]