Best Type of Music to Complement Your Erotic Massage

Best Type of Music to Complement Your Erotic Massage

An erotic massage is meant to capture the senses and enhance them to create an experience that is equal parts relaxing and thrilling. While it’s true that a soft and sensual touch is central to a quality erotic massage, the right ambiance is also integral to creating a sensory environment that heightens pleasure and satisfaction. Some like candles, incense, or essential oils. Erotic massage music is also an ambiance-boosting factor very worthy of consideration. Much like your massage, the music playing is customizable to your desires.

Erotic Massage Music Choices for Sensual Seduction

Music is an incredible way of enhancing your erotic massage experience. Many people opt for ambient music for its slow, low-toned, repetitive instrumental sounds designed to boost your sense of calm, ultimately letting your body relax fully while your masseuse works her magic. While ambient music is a very popular choice, there is nothing stopping you from choosing other types of music. For added playfulness, depth, or a little more edge, you might opt for music that’s more bold, rhythmic, or soulful.  

Erotic Massage Music Choices for Sensual Seduction

Benefits of Playing Music During Your Erotic Massage

There are many benefits to playing erotic massage music that’s well suited to you. 

It calms the mind. Erotic massage music can invoke relaxing mental images, which help to relax the body. Since mental wellbeing affects physical wellbeing, it should not surprise that music can make your physical and sensual body more receptive to calming touch.

It can slow the pace. Slow music can change the speed of one’s brainwaves, triggering a trance-like or meditative state of being. To speed up the rate at which you can slow down and really take it all in, play a slow tune.

It can ease pain. A 2012 study found that music can help ease chronic pain and anxiety and depression. Although the pleasure generated by erotic massage is already a great way to counter any discomfort or stress you may be living with, music is the cherry on top.

It can promote better sleep. Particularly if you have insomnia or other sleep difficulties, playing music during an erotic massage session can promote deeper rest. 

It can improve blood circulation. While there is no doubt that an erotic massage session at Le Penthouse can help get the blood flowing, adding the right music to the equation can further enhance this effect for a truly enlivening pleasure experience. 

What Are the Best Types of Erotic Massage Music?

Because everyone has unique preferences, the answer to this question is, it depends. The types of music people find sensual, seductive, or sexual can be subjective. Of course, preferences aside, some musical genres are superior to others when it comes to erotic massage. While ambient music should certainly be part of your playlist for its ability to inspire a calm and receptive state, including a few tunes with a more up-tempo sensuality will add a touch of fun and playfulness. Try to choose music with lower notes or a smooth beat. 

Musical genres that might be well-suited to your erotic massage session include ambient, trance or slow techno, sitar music from India, mellow jazz, classical, instrumental soul or r ‘n b, Native American, Celtic, flutes, drums, or even natural soundscapes like waves crashing against a shore, rain, thunder, or leaves rustling in the breeze. In 2019, US researchers dubbed “Weightless” by UK band Marconi Union the ‘World’s most relaxing song.’ Really though, it depends on preference, and on how you’re wired.

Le Penthouse Ambiance

Our erotic massage rooms at Le Penthouse feature rich dark wood floors, a variety of themed spaces, and discreet soundproofing. Because we truly believe in pampering our clients, every space is also equipped with a large flat-screen HDTV, a walk-in shower, and a luxe massage table. Creating an ambiance that will suit you personally is our passion project. So lay back and enjoy our luxury rooms, intoxicating scents, sensual tunes, and beautiful masseuses. Our hostesses are here to listen to your every need, so don’t be shy: let us know what you like, and feel free to recommend your own erotic massage music while you’re at it!

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