Best Type of Music to Complement Your Erotic Massage

Best Type of Music to Complement Your Erotic Massage

During an erotic massage, all of your senses should be intensified and come together to create a special experience. Everything from the soft touch of the masseuse all the way down to the background music work together to create a fully satisfying setting. 

At Le Penthouse, we do everything in our power to create a relaxed ambiance that puts you at ease: light scented candles, essential oils, themed spaces, and hostesses that know how to work their magic. 

Just like the massage services we provide, the background music for your erotic massage is completely customizable to your personal needs and desires. Erotic massage playlists are easy to come by, but what is the essential choice for unwinding and slipping into a deep relaxation mode? 

Music choices for an erotic massage 

Alongside lighting and setting, music is a great way of adding some sensual ambiance to your erotic massage.

Ambient music is a typical genre associated with massage and relaxation. The slow instrumental music uses repetitive techniques that generate a sense of calmness and invoke an atmospheric and visual quality.

This usual choice of low-toned, pleasurable sound has a profound effect on us, helping to quiet the mind and surrender your body to relaxation – making it the perfect choice for a massage. The sounds intensify the soothing elements of the massage and have been proven to take you into a deep relaxation trance, casting you in a spell while we let our hands get to work.

If you want to add some additional fun and excitement to your erotic massage, you can add in some cheeky, rhythmic numbers. 

Le Penthouse ambiance 

Rooms at Le Penthouse all feature a rich dark wood flooring, a variety of themed spaces and soundproofing. We love spoiling our clients, so we also have installed large flat-screen HDTVs, a fabulous walk-in shower and, of course, a luxe massage table.

To complement our top-of-the-range setting, we work hard to create an ambiance that is best for you. Our erotic massages are entirely custom to your desires and our gorgeous hostesses are here to listen to your every need – just say the word. 

We go the extra mile to make you feel especially comfortable during your time at Le Penthouse. Call now and book an unforgettable erotic massage today!