The Benefits of a Sensual Tantric Massage

The Benefits of a Sensual Tantric Massage

Unlike with other saucy activities, the goal of a sensual tantric massage isn’t to reach orgasm (although, that is a very pleasant by-product). Rather, a tantric massage is specifically designed to clear the mind while prolonging a sense of intimacy. Read on to discover the benefits of a tantric massage, including how it can add a welcome dose of energy to your sex life!

What Is Tantric Massage?

Before we get to the benefits of a tantric massage, it’s important to provide an overview of the sensual practice. Originating from India, a tantric massage involves incorporating elements of the Karma Sutra, an ancient sexual text that guides you through a series of positions and poses. 

Typically, the masseuse starts in the middle of the back, letting their hands wander out towards the limbs. Then, they will touch neglected areas, such as the base of the feet, between the fingers, and the back of the arms, sparking sexual energies in the process. Later, the masseuse will turn their focus to erogenous zones (including the breasts, inner thighs, and lips), all while avoiding the genital area. By the end of the two-hour ordeal, those experiencing the massage will emerge from a prolonged state of intense sexual bliss. 

What are the Benefits of Tantric Massage?

1) Increases Arousal

This goes without saying; a sensual tantric massage will do wonders for your sex life. By giving you the freedom to explore your deepest desires, the practice strengthens intimacy, improves libido, and enhances communication with your lover. After all, the whole idea is to communicate what makes you feel good to your partner – and, in truth, that benefit alone makes a tantric massage totally worth it. 

2) Improves Sleep

We can almost guarantee that, after a sensual tantric massage, you’ll enjoy the best sleep of your life. Don’t believe us? Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that a tantric massage can lead to significant improvements in sleep quality and patterns. In other words, the practice is not just ideal for those looking to spice up their relationship; it’s also perfect for those suffering from insomnia. 

3) Relaxes the Body

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the gentle touch of a masseuse can relieve pain throughout the body, thereby instilling a calming sense of relaxation. As the masseuse works their magic, you’ll be feeling more than aroused – your blood pressure will go down, your heart rate and breathing will slow, and your muscles will relax. 

4) Relieves Stress

At its core, a sensual tantric massage is all about relieving stress and releasing negative emotions. As such, the practice is reportedly useful for those suffering from depression. So, grab the body oil and scented candles, and prepare for the ultimate therapeutic experience!

Where can I book a Sensual Tantric Massage?

There’s no better way to experience a sensual tantric massage than with an expert masseuse in a stimulating atmosphere. If you don’t fancy giving it a go yourself, put your body in the hands of one of the highly trained masseuses at Le Penthouse. Based in the heart of Montreal, the one-of-a-kind centre offers relaxing massages that are sure to please men, women, and even couples. 

Call us at (514) 564-3332 to learn more about how our gorgeous masseuses can provide discreet pleasure designed to satisfy your deepest desires (and your libido!). 

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