6 Rules For Booking A Sensual Massage

6 Rules for Booking a Sensual Massage

Are you a little nervous about booking your erotic massage appointment? No need to be. Booking an erotic massage should be just like booking any other professional appointment. Be kind, courteous, and professional. Don’t be impolite or ask inappropriate questions. If you’re unsure how to act, follow these six simple rules when booking your sensual massage appointment.

Know What You Want

Before you even pick up the phone, decide what you want. Do you want an erotic show, a four-handed massage, or a nude massage? What type of room do you want? When you do finally pick up the phone to book your appointment, mention your preferences and the type of sensual massage that you want. The whole idea of a sensual massage is that you leave feeling completely satisfied. The best way to do this is to communicate what you want when you book.

Do Your Homework

Take some time to do a little research before you call to book a massage appointment. Become familiar with the different types of services that are offered and pick out a hostess. Know when the massage parlor is open, how much your sensual massage will cost, and if the massage parlor offers all the treatment options that you are looking for.

Be Polite And Respectful

Don’t call to book your appointment when you are overly excited. Grunting, heavy breathing, and long pauses are all big no-nos. Be a gentleman when you call and book your sensual massage appointment in the same manner as you would book an appointment for any other professional service. Be polite, considerate, relaxed, and even charismatic.

Don’t Ask Questions & Don’t Bargain

Keep it simple when you’re booking your appointment. Any legit massage parlor won’t answer crude questions over the phone. Simply book your appointment in a professional and kind way. Don’t try to bargain either. The prices for Montreal massage parlors are fixed as with any other professional services.

Book in Advance

Even though the mood may strike after the bars let out at 3 am, try to plan for your sensual massage, as this is the best way to ensure that you will be entirely satisfied. You are more likely to be completely satisfied if you give the massage parlor some notice and if you take time to select the hostess of your dreams.


When it finally comes time for your sensual massage, have cash on hand to pay for any extras that you may want in your session. Also, be sure to show up for your treatment with an open mind and leave any of your expectations at the door. Even if you have had a sensual massage before, remember that every hostess is different. Lay back, relax, follow her lead, and enjoy!

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