5 Naughty Bachelor Party Ideas in Montreal

As any groom-to-be can attest, bachelor parties are great ways to cut loose, get wild with your friends, and enjoy the type of night (or weekend) that is much less likely to occur after your tie to knot. For those living in the Montreal area, you’re in luck; the city is the indisputable go-to destination for unforgettable bachelor parties. With its legendary clubs, gorgeous women, and appetite for debauchery, this city surely won’t disappoint your buddies. 

Struggling to come up with ideas for one last fling before the ring? We’ve got you covered with five naughty bachelor party ideas in Montreal, with suggestions ranging from tepid to not-for-the-faint-of-heart!

However, before going with one of our five bachelor party ideas, we feel compelled to offer a little disclaimer; it’s important to know your audience. We promise you that nothing in the world is quite as awkward for someone planning a bachelor party than a groom who is uncomfortable for the whole shebang. Also, be sure to get a hold of the guest list BEFORE you plan the party, just in case you might have to deal with future in-laws, younger siblings, or even the groom’s ultra-conservative father. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… rally up the boys, grab your drinks and prepare for an epic bachelor party that your groom-to-be will never forget! 


A Little Bit Naughty

1) Booze it Up

There is a time and a place for being sober. A naughty bachelor party is neither that time nor that place. But whether you’re renting a party bus or raising the roof of your groom’s favourite bar, be sure to take the time to plan ahead for a bunch of drunk men, so that you can relax and have a great time during the extravaganza. 


2) High Times

For a different type of naughty, consider a hefty dose of legalized recreational marijuana. As there is still a great deal of taboo surrounding marijuana (Canada is one of the very few countries where recreational use is legal), there is something inescapably naughty about throwing a pot party.


Moderately Naughty

3) A Sexy Scavenger Hunt You’ll Never Forget

No naughty bachelor party is complete without a sexy scavenger hunt! Whereas the typical scavenger hunt might have you taking photos with random people doing random things, a sexy hunt kicks things up a notch with a decidedly naughtier premise. Split into teams and divide the tasks among teammates. These tasks could include:

  • Ordering a drink named after a sex act at the bar.
  • Doing body shots with a stranger.
  • Using a cheesy pickup line on someone (bonus points if you get their digits!).
  • Collecting an item of clothing from a random person.

And remember; pics or it didn’t happen!


4) Enjoy a Private Show

No surprises here; hiring an exotic dancer has become a bachelor party staple. While strip clubs have gradually earned a reputation for being dingy, depressing joints, hiring dancers to come to a private venue always adds a much-welcome dose of naughtiness to the bachelor party proceedings. 


The Naughtiest

5) Unwind with an Erotic Massage

One person’s wild is another person’s mild, and that’s particularly true when it comes to erotic massages. And yet, these massages have become increasingly popular among bachelor party crowds. So, spoil your boys and enjoy a tantalizing massage from the most attractive hostesses in Montreal at Le Penthouse! A five-start gentleman’s parlour, Le Penthouse is a party destination that will make your bachelor celebration one that your buddies won’t soon forget!