4 Myths about Erotic Massages

4 Myths about Erotic Massages

Several unfounded rumours surround the sacred art of an erotic massage, but which are real and which are lies? Today we’re breaking down the top four false claims about this scintillating service.

You’re Cheating On Your Partner

Some men (and women) view an erotic massage as a form of adultery, and they worry about the consequences of telling their partner about their experience at a parlour. Well, this shouldn’t be a concern, as an erotic massage represents a physical form of release that cannot be equated to cheating.

Humans are naturally sexual beings, and it’s important to understand and express our sexuality on a regular basis. Many successful businessmen and professionals visit Le Penthouse regularly to see their hostess and enjoy erotic play. We even recommend bringing your partner to the parlour for a “couples massage,” which can be a tantalizing and adventurous experience.

Massage Parlours Are Dirty

There’s still a stigma attached to erotic massage parlours around Montreal, and many judgemental individuals believe these institutions are unsanitary. This is entirely false, as Le Penthouse resembles more of a luxurious spa than a parlour.

We pride ourselves in adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness, and we offer three different types of rooms to our clients; the regular, classic, and VIP Penthouse suite. The VIP room is equipped with a shower, whirlpool tub, futon, and a large flat screen TV. These amenities provide our clientele with comfort and care while they receive their intimate massage.

Erotic Massages Can Be Dangerous

A handful of skeptics on the internet have falsely written that an individual can get a range of sexually transmitted infections from an erotic massage parlour. There’s no evidence to validate these claims, as there’s no penetration involved during the session; therefore, there’s no possibility to contract an STI.

An erotic massage is good for the body, as it aims to relieve, stress, tension, and increase blood circulation to certain parts of the body. Some of our clients reap the full benefits of an erotic massage by receiving this service on a weekly basis! It’s also suited for individuals suffering from decreased libido or sexual frustration. Our professional masseuses can help work out all the kinks and provide a great experience.

The Masseuses Aren’t Professionals

All of the lovely ladies at Le Penthouse are trained in the art of providing a full-body massage and come from a range of backgrounds. They often know how to isolate and relieve pain in a specific muscle group. So if you’re suffering from back pain or may have just worked out too hard at the gym, we encourage you to book an appointment.

There’s also a personal aspect to these sessions with our gorgeous goddesses. Many regular clients return because they’ve formed a friendship with these women, and they can trust them with the intimate details of their lives. They can also discuss sexual fantasies – many men find this dialogue quite liberating and erotic.

If you’re thinking about booking a massage at Le Penthouse, don’t hesitate! Visit our website or call (514) 564-3332.

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